Author Interviews & Biographies

A collection of interviews with debut and established authors and writers. These authors discuss finding their literary agents and getting debuts published. Biographies and interviews for authors and illustrators.
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Author Interviews & Biographies

A collection of interviews with debut and established authors and writers. These authors discuss finding their literary agents and getting debuts published. Biographies and interviews for authors and illustrators.

Childrens Author Elva Gamiao Author Interview

Meet Author Paddy Bostock Author Interview

War & Military Author Shreyans Zaveri Interview

Interview with Fitness Trainer and Author Tracy L Markley

Meet Author Andy Hernandez’s Author Interview

Interview with Psychic Medium and Author, Sharon Bauer

Interview with Critically-Acclaimed Author David Lyons of The Thriller Series Featuring Renegade Cajun Federal Judge Jock Boucher

Interview with Horror Author Joseph Xand

Author Lenn Trappe & Vanguards (American Coyotes Book 1)

Author Interview with Rocky Dania

Interview with Jennifer Perry Author of Sell Your Books Today!

Interview with Mastho Vamsee Author of God Damn It! Smith

Greg Ripley Author Interview

Author Interview with Bruno Maiorana

Author Interview with Chinmayee

Meet Author Lyn Michael Kalani McClenathan

Author Interview with Skye McKenzie

Author Interview with Jamila J. Moody

Keith Blenman Author Interview

Author Interview with Atif A. K. Ph.D.

Author Interview with Mayur Ramgir

Author Interview with Leslie Soule / The Fallenwood Chronicles

2011 FINALIST WINNER Jennelle White Author Interview

Author Interview with Ed Beard Getting Into Leadership Shape

Author Interview with C.J. Walworth author of Super Underwear Man

Lonna Enox  Author Interview | Author Q & A

Tom Scott Author Interview | Author Q & A

Mr. JR Thompson Author Interview | Author Q & A

Ms. Gayle Lee Author Interview | Author Q & A

Mr Matthew Silvester Author Interview | Author Q & A

Author Interview Ronald J. Wichers | Author Q & A

Author Q & A Mr. Kyle Robertson Author of The Millennium Malevolence Author Interview

Author Q & A with Mr. Steve Wiegenstein Author of Slant of Light, This Old World, & The Language of Trees

Author Q & A with Miss Anusha Devi Harish Author Interviews A Bizarre Captive’s Diary

Author Interview | Author Q & A With Angie Gallion Author of Intoxic, Purgus, and Icara

Author Interview | Author Q & A With C. N. Sky – Author of The Toxic Sphere Series

Author Interview with Paula Margulies – The Tao of Book Publicity: A Beginner’s Guide to Book Promotion

Author Interview with Dixon Hearne – Delta Flats: Stories In The Key Of Blues And Hope

Author Interview with Shannon Hannan – Author of Living Under a “Rock” : “The Red House”

Author Interview with Sherry Levesque author of Demented

Author Interview with Ashley Christin – Author of BREAK ME

Author Interview with Ian Leaf Author of Starting an HFC Business at Home

Author Interview with Dr. Ralph La Guardia author of The Doomsday Book of Medicine

Author Interview with George Mazurek author of The City of Wizards

Author Interview with Michelle S. Pape. Michelle is the Author of The True Story Child of Steel

Author Interview with Catherine MacDonald author of Romancing The Vines A Tale of Love, Lust, and Revenge and Seasons of the Vineyard: Seasons of the Vineyard A Wine Country Adventure and The Divorce Ranch

Author Interview with Gregory Brown MD author of New Mind New Body

Author Interview Caren Cantrell author of Annie Argyle’s Amazing Adventure and Planet Discovery

Author Interview P., Piero DDS author of Never Brush Your Teeth Again!: Startling Information on How Oral Health Impacts Your Entire Body

Author Interview with Matt Jordan author of Unleash Godly Power

Author Interview with Clyde Heath author of Kids Have Ups and Downs Too! and Kids Have Ups and Downs Too: A Bully’s Journal

Author Interview with Jeremy Stafford Phoenix Sweet16 DJ Author of Planning your Sweet 16 Book

Author Interview with Carole Emma Mathewson author of  The Hostess of Providence and The Waste of War

Author Interview with Treyce Montoya author of 20 books including Manifest the Write Way and coming out August 2015 — “Raven & the Willow Tree”

Author Interview with Marilyn Poscic author of Last Soul Standing Surviving My Last Surviving Relative and Angels Simplified!

Author Interview with Tiffany Madison author of Vacation With My Stepbrother and Kisses from My Stepbrother

Author Interview with Vickie Musni Author of Personalities for Business

Author Interview with Jane Bernard author of Am I Really Hungry?, Knock Your Block Off!, Fine Tuning: Connecting with Your Inner Power and Fine Tuning: Connecting With Your Inner Power 2nd Edition

Author Interview with Wendy E. Slater author of Into the Hearth, Poems-Volume 14

Author Interview with Rose Madeline Mula – Rose’s work reflects her refreshing views on aging, and every-day irritations that plague us all. Including collections of humorous essays, “If These Are Laugh Lines, I’m Having Way Too Much Fun” (Pelican Publishing, May 2006); “The Beautiful People and Other Aggravations”(Pelican Publishing, March 2010); and a book of nursery-type rhymes for seniors, “Grandmother Goose: Rhymes for a Second Childhood” (Mindstir Media, December 2012), and Confessions of a Domestically-Challenged Homemaker & Other Tall Tales (Mindstir Media, April 2015). She also writes a monthly humor column for

Author Interview with Catherine Carrigan author of What Is Healing?: Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness, Healing Depression: A Holistic Guide, Unlimited Energy Now and Banish the Blues

Author Interview with Sandra and Daniel Biskind author of PEACE: Power Up Your Life

Author Interview with Alan Smithson author of DJ Prophets

Author Interview with Volker G. Fremuth Author of The Workshop

Author Interview with Dionne Bell Author of Golden Choices

Author Interview with John J. Higgins Author of The Archangel Jarahmael and the War to Conquer Heaven – Trilogy 1

Author Interview with Lonna Enox Author of The Last Dance & Blood Relations

Author Interview with Donald Williams Author of Personal Management with Purpose & Wisdom

Author Interview with Sam Skinner Author of The Legend of Bob Wire

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