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Tell your readers a little story about yourself, your background and current career and passion? My name is Cristal Ortiz, and I am so happy to be a part of this book. It’s quite flattering and an honor to have been chosen for my story to be heard. Out of the thousands of people, Radhaa has on her Instagram page, why me? I’m just a mom! Then I thought, Moms are entirely underrated, we have the most critical role to play in humanity. Sometimes our most significant contribution to the universe may be a loving mom to raise children. 

I live in Florida with my two daughters and four cats. I am a small business owner with the cleaning service I own with my sister. I also have my side night hustle as a dancer, a few nights a week. However, my TRUE passion is to help coach and motivate others to do a detox, using mucoid plaque cleanses, vPhase Body Cleanse, which helps to cleanse bodies of disease and lead healthier vegan lifestyles. 

How can people find you? I can be found on Instagram and FB promoting this cleanse. Instagram @cristal_aa 

Please feel free to reach out if you need help. I would love to help as many people as my life permits. Health is wealth.  

What do you like to do on your downtime to relax? During my downtime, I enjoy spending time with my children. We appreciate anything that calls for an outdoor lifestyle. We work on our garden together, go to the beach to collect seashells, and play in the water. We climb trees, look for sticks to make magic wands, look for feathers, and get dirty. I teach them about their chakras and do guided meditations with our crystals. We spend much time grounding ourselves with the earth, and I show them the importance of caring for mother nature so she will care for us in return. 

What inspired you to become an author, and how did you get involved? Well, becoming an author was never something that I had planned. I do enjoy writing when I get the itch but have never put thought into becoming a published author. Radhaa had started following me sometime in the spring of 2018, and I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. She messaged me this year in February and told me about the book and asked if I would like to be a part of it and also said that she enjoyed the things I post on my page and felt I would be a good fit for this project. I was flattered, as my bio stated, also shocked and a little scared. But, something inside me, that same voice that told me to have a seat and start listening to it (My inner/higher self) told me: “DO IT! GO FOR IT!” So, I did not question it or think about it; my reply to her was yes! 

Now to write the story…and pay for my publishing costs…Where was I to start with on this, and how would I condense so much information into just one chapter with only 1500 words? Where was I going to come up with that kind of extra money as a single mom that already struggles? My inner voice said, “cut that out and let me guide you.” I listened once again, and that night I got my notebook and pen and started writing my little handoff. I wrote my entire chapter that night and typed it up on google doc the following night. 

I reviewed it over and over so many times, nervous that it wasn’t good enough. Once again, I heard it, “You ARE good enough, Cristal, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t have been asked to be a part of this! YOU ARE a Starseed, and you’ve been sent messages as well by plant and animal spirit guides from your teenage years! You had not yet understood that it’s all coming back to you these last two years. Trust the process, TRUST ME.”

With that, I submitted my chapter and put in a lot of work to pay my publishing costs, and it was such a good feeling of accomplishment! I put in my work to the collective and also built a friendship with Radhaa and Mike, who have both helped so much and been so supportive through every step of the way. They’ve explained so much to me, and it has been quite a learning experience to help me grow not only as an author but as my true self. This is my star family, and they’ve found me, there is a sense of belonging that I’ve not felt in the past. Radhaa publishing is not just a publishing company; she truly cares for us and wants to see us excel and spread our truths to the collective for the healing of the planet and movement towards the new earth. 

What stood out to you the most about this whole author and writing experience? What stood out most to me with this experience is that there are others out there like me, there are others that want to spread their stories and help others to heal, with similar predicaments. The support from Radhaa Publishing House stands out also for me to notice because it is just not something that anyone can provide these days generously to see and experience. Many have forgotten how to be kind and helpful, how to vibrate from a place of unconditional love and healing. Radhaa Publishing House embraces all of this and much more.  

How did you feel when you found it the book hit #1 twice on Amazon, becoming a best selling book? I feel like it’s still surreal to be a Best Selling Author because none of this is anything I’ve ever imagined! It is truly a dream come true, and I am happy as can be about it. This is something that my daughters can be proud of mommy and look up to as an example in their future life. To let them know that their voices matter, all of our voices matter. That when we live to be humble and pure of heart, the blessing does manifest into our lives.

How did you feel about the editing and final result? My story was edited by Radhaa Publishing House, and let me tell you; it put me in tears! They made it BETTER than the way I originally wrote and submitted while keeping my story and voice true to its events. I read it, and tears just flowed because it was so GOOD! My account was good enough and made into something even better, just like my inner voice told me. I have felt 100,000,000% supported by this publishing house. I am so very grateful to have been given this experience and an opportunity to have many other doors open for myself and my children. This has been genuinely life-changing! Especially to get a message from Radhaa the day it made Best Seller! WOW!!! Like that was a complete shocker! I jumped on my bed like a child and cried tears of joy that day! Something I never planned but only came to me. The news on hearing that “Awakening Starseeds: Shattering Illusions Vol. 1” topped as a best selling book was a blessing! 

What is your story about in particular? My story is about the awakening I experienced and a bit of the events that led up to it. There is a saying that a lot of trauma is what will cause one to have a spiritual awakening. I have experienced much in my life. It led to what the doctors in the hospital called a severe panic/anxiety attack, but it wasn’t. I astral projected, and that is not an anxiety attack. I saw myself from above this flesh vessel that I currently live in for this lifetime. And I felt safe; I returned to my 3D body solely because I know my children need me to be present in their life and that there’s still so much more for me to teach them and for me to even learn on my own. My mission is not done, and I will go to my star home one day, but that day was not yet it. 

What is the biggest lesson you learned from this collaborative process? The biggest lesson I’ve learned in this is never to dim or shut out your inner voice. It is your soul speaking to you, and it always knows what’s best. When you don’t listen to it or hush it out, it will find a way to force you to listen, and you will experience many traumas over and over again until you do. I would suggest we all come to know that inner voice and let it guide us. Another lesson I’ve learned is to be more confident. Do not let what others tell you their negative opinions while growing up or allow past relationships to mold you. They do not define you or choose who you get to be! ONLY you have that power! Walk-in with confidence and know that you are always protected and loved. Heal our inner child because it has been severely damaged and is the source of having the feeling of lack. 

After its all said and done, how do you feel about Radhaa Publishing House? Would you recommend working with them? If anyone is interested in writing for Radhaa Publishing House, I am a testimonial to this! MY inner self, say go for it! So you too can do as I did! They will not steer you wrong and will help you with your journey as a writer. They did for all the co-authors of this beautiful book and especially for me. I know they firmly stand by that. Thank you so much, Radhaa Publishing House, for finding me and allowing me to share my voice and story. I am forever filled with gratitude for this life-changing and beautiful experience with Awakening Starseeds and Radhaa Publishing House. 

How can readers be part of Awakening Starseeds Volume Two:

Contact: Mike Pestano
Phone: 424-388-0264

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