Arrameia Auraire Araiss Author Interview

1. Tell your readers a little story about yourself. Where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school or your current career, etc. Being from space. Incarnated on Earth. Went through a lot of hardships. Learned many lessons. Now teaching, healing, empowering and inspiring others. Obsessed with deep positive transformation of self and others. I love blissing people up 🙂 using Theta Healing classes, energy healing, writing, singing, guided meditations and music. 

2.     What inspired you to be a co-author, to write and contribute to this collaborative book series of Awakening Starseeds at Radhaa Publishing House? Well, this was clearly divinely orchestrated so it was a no brainer yes! 🙂 I met Radhaa ( the founder )many years ago and we instantly clicked. I am a starseed and a writer, so when Radhaa presented me with this opportunity I was happy to say yes. I also love the collaborative effort and growing together as a collective.

I love:

Weaving through this hologram with wonder. Unfolding gifts and potential. Merging with higher self, making space and expanding pure source energy within. Being in this wonderful mystery called life. 

Love being lost and found in the moments of creation. 

Hate doing dishes. 

How about you? 

3.     Please explain your process and your mindset on how you wrote your story. How did Radhaa Publishing House support you through the process? Process? Well sitting on my buttcheeks and writing, tweaking and editing for a very fukkin long time! :-)) Originally I started writing it from a perspective that I have about those events now, later I decided to change my approach and rather write in present tense. I chose to describe the events from the point of consciousness I had when the story was being weaved into reality. I wanted to let the reader experience it themselves and make their own conclusions about it.

“I loved that Radhaa Publishing House gave me freedom regards the approach to my story. Creative freedom really works for me.” 

4.     How supported did you feel through this creative and collaborative process? What was the best part of this whole experience? Totally supported. The best bit was feeling like being part of a loving family, who wants you to be your best, do your best and is there for you every step of the way. It also boosted my confidence as a writer . The collaborative nature of the project also made it way more fun than doing things alone.

5.   Tell your readers briefly about your written story. This would be like a 30-second elevator pitch to someone you know or meet. My story describes the end of my life as a promising upcoming popstar named Veronika Vesper. A life that I wanted and worked for very hard, for a very long time. This traumatic ending is shortly replaced by a brand new beginning, that nobody, not even myself expected.

The raw, authentic and uncensored way of memoir writing will draw you in as if it were you living it. Fancy reading it? 😉

6.   What was your overall feeling throughout the whole process of working with Radhaa Publishing House? What stood out the most?  Excitement! Feeling supported and cheered on! I was really grateful to have my chapter sent back a few times with the request to tighten it up. It made me really polish it, question every word and a result much better piece had come out. I wish someone has done that for me in my previous memoire piece!!
7.     How does it feel to have success as a Best Selling Author?  I’m really glad that the word is getting out there about Awakening Starseeds book and that we as starseeds are able to support each other and the collective. On a personal level for me it’s actually quite a pleasant surprise, as in the book I shared my story in a very authentic, vulnerable way with nothing but a pure intention to serve and inspire others. I had no ambitions other than to write as best as I can, make a difference and to create a positive impact. As it’s usually the case, when we’re being our true selves and give without expectations, we get the most rewards.

8. Everyone has life lessons to learn, tell your readers one or two of yours and how they make you the person you are today. My main lessons in my life have been centred around death and letting go. Now I love death and rebirth 🙂 My life has actually properly started only after I was told I’ve got one to two years left to live at the age of 21. That really put me on my path quickly. After that I’ve experienced few deaths, rebirths and another near death experience. Many people I loved died or left my life in other ways. I used to resist this, now I love how facing death strips all the bulshit from us and only leaves the truth, what is authentic and what really matters.

9. What would be your number one piece of advice to someone?Find your true soul alignment in life. Drop the shit that you know is dragging you down and shouldn’t be in your life. Move on from the stuff you’ve outgrown. If you’re scared to live your purpose think about what would you do with your life if you had one year left to live? You’ll get clear answers right away. Start living that fearlessly and watch how the whole universe starts to support you. We are all going to die sooner or later, you’ve got nothing to lose. Dare to live, to be you, to be different and to make a difference. You’ve got this 🙂

10.   What would you tell anyone who might be interested in writing for Radhaa Publishing House? Why should they do it and what have you gotten out of the experience? Just go for it!! Radhaa Publishing House founder Radhaa Nilia and her team are the most loving people ever, who really care about you and your message deeply. As a multi-published author I’ve never experienced this level of care and support when it comes to the publishing process. 

What I got from the experience is a serious dose of empowerment and encouragement as a writer and speaker. Writing for Radhaa Publishing House has actually started a whole new chapter in my life and has been a pivotal moment of my journey. For that I’ll be forever grateful!

How can readers be part of Awakening Starseeds Volume Two:

Contact: Mike Pestano
Phone: 424-388-0264  

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