Girl From Spaceship Earth by Patricia Ravasio Book Review

Girl From Spaceship Earth by Patricia Ravasio Book Review

The Girl From Spaceship Earth took me by surprise, it is a fantastic call to action.  This is a must read for all generations, not my typical read, but the book was fast pace and I could not put it down. Author Patricia Ravasio’s 1982 interview with Buckminster Fuller changed her life forever. This book is an inspiring journey!

The Girl From Spaceship Earth is a true story based around Fuller’s interview with journalist Ravasio in 1982. R. Buckminster Fuller was a 20th-century inventor and visionary who did not limit himself to one field but worked as a ‘comprehensive anticipatory design scientist’ to solve global problems. Fuller’s ideas and work continue to influence new generations of designers, architects, scientists and artists working to create a sustainable planet. (

Ravasio tells an amazing story of one woman’s promise and deceit, with a touch of humor and enlightenment. The story is part memoir and part biography, it something you can see in the movies. The Girl From Spaceship Earth is inspirational and thought-provoking.

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Publisher:  Chapman Park (September 11, 2017)
Category: Memoir, Non-Fiction, Social Activism, Women Empowerment
Tour dates: Sept/Oct, 2018
ISBN: 978-0999046302
Available in Print and ebook, 299 pages

The true story of a life intertwined with the utopian ideas of an American genius.

A mind-blowing two-day interview with iconic futurist Buckminster Fuller in 1982 Chicago leads an overeager advertising copywriter to promise she’ll share his urgent messages with the world. She has no idea what she is getting herself into, scarcely understanding what he is talking about.

When his dire predictions come true on America’s worst day (9/11) she must face up to her commitment, which morphs into a fiery obsession thanks to unsettling discoveries about Bucky’s archives further confirming the truth of his warnings. Her outsized passions threaten her relationships and her sanity as she grapples furiously to bring his ideas back into the world.

This heartrending karmic tell-all memoir is about climbing out of comfort zones to find your own voice and make a difference in the world. It also gives readers a charming introduction to the ideas of a long lost genius you’ve probably never heard of.

Praise Girl From Spaceship Earth by Patricia Ravasio

Named Adventure Book of the Month by Hipcamp, October, 2017

“This is a well written, easy to read, girl empowering non fiction story that engages young adult readers.”-ToadHallLibrarian (WorldCat)

“An amazing personal journey that will simultaneously break your heart and mend it.” – Contempobook

“This world changing book makes a great holiday gift.”-Life…Successfully

“This is a great book! Pat Fields is a fledgling journalist who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to interview Buckminster Fuller. He gives her more than just an interview, he gives her a mission to save the world. This book would make such a great movie. 5 stars!”-Crimson, Goodreads

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