Rickesha Rose Author Interview

Rickesha Rose Author Interview

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Tell us about your Book? Don’t Forget your Pearls, started as a testimony highlighting major turning points in the life of a young mother trying to find her way. I share my journey as a teen mother, who pushed through many obstacles, before discovering that there was purpose on her life. I share the hurt, pain and the unforgettable moments that pushed her into a journey of self-discovery. During that journey, I discovered the power in walking in truth and never forgetting your values. On a mission to inspire, I share some of the most intimate parts of her journey shedding light on teen pregnancy, domestic violence, generational brokenness, and the power to overcome it all. I take you on a journey, sharing lessons learned as an inspiration to help women understand why you don’t want to forget your pearls.

How did you do research for your book? My book shares a journey about my life, so it didn’t require a lot of research, more of inspiration from other writers who share similar stories.

Which was the hardest character to write? The easiest? Myself, I guess. When I completed my first draft of my book I thought it was awesome and ready to go, but when my publisher begin to make commentary and ask the hard questions. I realize I was attempting to share my story only on the surface layer. The more I begin to write the more came out about the character in the book “myself” she had more to share than I realized.

In your book you make a reference to “Pearls, you tell your reader to “ don’t forget their pearls”  how did you come up with this idea? To me pearls have always represented value, a sense of class and elegance, something that is rare. In the book I talk about how as women, we spend a lot of time getting ready, and I mean that in every way, we spend a lot of time getting ready to go out but we also spend a lot of time getting ready for life, and our journey ahead. For most women our presentation is important, how we show up in the world, or to a dinner party, is important. I discuss how in that process, we intentionally forget the things that matter the most.

What made you write a book about…Your life Over the years it has become prevalent that I have a story that can and will inspire others. I often share this story about the feedback I’d get whenever I’d speak. One in particular that stands out to me the most, is when I was speaking at a group home for girls who were facing some challenges. I shared my story about how I was a teen parent, how I had been in an abusive relationship, and lack confidence when I was younger. At the end I shared how I got to the place where my past did not define the women they saw today. They were amazed Q & A became an outpour of how much of an inspiration my story was, somethings began to change that day, not only for those girls but for myself as well.

Where do you get inspiration for your stories? Other Women, I read Sarah jakes Roberts story lost and found and found the courage to share my story.

There are many books out there about….What makes yours different? Truth the only thing that is different is that it’s my story, no one can tell my story from my perspective.  Which one thing about the book that is unique, all though I share a lot of personal things about my life, I tell them from a different perspective now.

What advice would you give budding writers? Be yourself, and go for it. Since I announced I was writing a book, I had so many people tell me that they also desire to write. I say go for it. We all have a story to tell, just get started writing.

Your book is set in (name place). Have you ever been there? My book takes place in my home town.

Do you have another profession besides writing? Yes, I’m an educator and life coach, I use my knowledge  and experiences to inspire and promote change from others.

How long have you been writing? Probadly my whole life, I wrote my first rap song when I was like 8, lol yes I wrote a rap song, or maybe it was an intensive poem. But I’ve always loved writing it was always my go to, I have notebooks and notebooks of material.

Do you ever get writer’s block? What helps you overcome it?  Yes especially near the end, usually a change of scenario. If I been in the house too long, I go the library or dunkin donuts, get some music in my ears and I’m good to go.

What is your next project? More teaching, I’m hosting a class on how to discover your purpose in your story.

What is the last great book you’ve read?  Authentic Happiness by Dr. Martin E.P Seligman

Do you snack while writing? Favorite snack? Not really, food is a distractions, I drink coffee sometimes

Where do you write? At home, the park, on road trips, where ever. I write often, usually developing curriculums or content for different events.

Do you write every day? Almost, but Sundays are my favorite day of the week to write

What is your writing schedule? I don’t have one, I wish I did. Most of my writing is done late at night, in the middle of the night.

Is there a specific ritualistic thing you do during your writing time? No, not really.

In today’s tech savvy world, most writers use a computer or laptop. Have you ever written parts of your book on paper? Yes, I love Pen to Paper, im an avid note taker, I write everything on paper.

If you’re a mom writer, how do you balance your time? That is probadly one of the biggest challenges, I’ve learned to let me children in on what im doing and why. When told them I was writing a book, they were excited, and they respected the process, I always spend time with them before I go in my little cave and prep them.

If you could go back in time, where would you go? Going back in time is not something I aspire to do, im always thinking forward.

Favorite travel spot? So far NYC has been one of my favorite places to visit but I’m open to going anywhere, I love the open road an

Favorite dessert? Strawberry Cheesecake

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which book would you want with you? The bible,

What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?  Probably write this book,

Any hobbies? or Name a quirky thing you like to do. Hobbies are a dream of mind, I’m so busy with day today, I don’t have a real hobby yet.

If there is one thing you want readers to remember about you, what would it be? Ugh that is a very good questions. In my book I share a lot of personal things that hurt me at the time, I want people to know that I’m in a different space, I want people to know I didn’t share those things to make anyone look like the bad guys or place blame on them. However I can only give you the story from my eyes, real and unfiltered. I want people to know that my mission is to inspire, and if you stop half way through the book you won’t see if come around full circle. So if you get the book read the entire book, and keep an open heart and open mind.

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