Press Release Connecticut Author Set to Thrill Readers Worldwide

Connecticut Author Set to Thrill Readers Worldwide

DAYVILLE, CT — The Workshop, published by MindStir Media, is a novel crafted by local Connecticut author Volker G. Fremuth, a businessman and commercial artist, whose creative and business experience was instrumental in creating a plausible storyline around a fantastical concept. The book’s themes center on protagonist, Jason Pelham, a senior manager whose talents propel him toward the top of the food chain of one of the largest corporations in the world. His ascension makes him aware of the corruption and predation that inherently seems to cast its shadow over even the most virtuous when given access to ultimate power and money.


The company, also known as ‘the Workshop,’ offers its service at the pleasure of the people who, due to their own desires for it, become the unwitting pawns in a game of power, politics, exploitation, and greed. Enter into a world where lore has become history, fantasy becomes fact, magic becomes resource, knowledge becomes the technology of espionage, and a fanciful legend takes on a new and sinister twist when forced to fit the mold of cold, hard reality.

“When I first started writing, the book’s concepts seemed predictive,” said the author. “Still recent events suggest a strong relevance as elements of the plot enter our everyday lives.” Beyond his professional life, Volker holds a pilot’s license and has a passion for science, technology, history and politics – which all worked their way into the pages of his debut novel, The Workshop.

Volker G. Fremuth Author Interview - Writers and AuthorsThe Workshop is available online at, Barnes & Noble and other fine retailers in the USA and worldwide. Wholesale distribution is also available through Ingram. To learn more about the author, please feel free to visit Volker’s Website, or on Facebook and On YouTube.

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