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Guest blog posts are a great way to connect with readers and fellow authors. They are a source of long term incoming traffic. You are allowed to publish a guest post (500-2000 words) on our blog on a subject of your choice (related to the book/characters or writing/reading niche). The post will be marked as a guest post and will contain an author box with your name, short bio and website/social/books links. Also shared on our social media outlets

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*A permanent link on Writers and Authors
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We are looking for Guest Bloggers… Are you a ‪#‎Writer‬ or ‪#‎Author‬ We’re looking for guest bloggers to help fill our site with interesting and informative articles and opinions about writing, publishing, your books, and marketing. We want original, exciting and interesting posts on any of the many areas covered by the Writers and Authors brand, from personal experiences to news and reviews.

We particularly like stuff that hasn’t been done a hundred times before (please), list posts done creatively, artwork, photos, infographics, videos, anything topical, funny writing, genuinely useful and interesting content, things that make you go ‘ooh’. We know you can do it! Contact me below.

We understand that you’ve put time and effort into writing a quality blog for us and you deserve credit, so we are more than happy to allow a link to your blog and/or your Twitter page in your author bio.

I would be interested but only if its original content
I have 2 website


I will accept articles/blogs for both as long as there are no fees for the content and I can add my own images to the articles, we purchase are images so we have the rights to use them in all our marketing.  The articles would have to match the content/style of website and each article would be read by us and approved before we added it to our website.

All links will be double checked and can’t link to any no article related sites

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Some of our Guest Post and Guest Writers

Did you know we offer Book Reviews?

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*A permanent link Book Review link on WriterNAuthors.com
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*We Buy the Book directly from Amazon ($cost of the book)
*Social Shares for 1 week daily $25
*Newsletter blasts to include your book review $25
*Author Interview $25

Review copies sent without prior approval and payment will not be accepted for review. They will be donated to a local library.
Send press kits or promotional materials, to 3220 W Julie Dr. Phoenix AZ 85027 or by email info@writersnauthors.com

We review hardcover’s, paperback’s and/or audiobooks.

Our turn-around time is normally 4-8 weeks. If we review your book, we will email you the link. We suggest you add this link to your website and share it on your social media, we will also share your review on our social media platforms, Goodreads and Amazon

Acceptance of a book for review does NOT guarantee a 5-star review. We give HONEST book reviews. We will NOT remove reviews at the demand of the author.

Writers and Authors Book Review Team is made up of a team of avid-readers, bloggers and writers who have a wide-ranging interest in all genre’s of writing.
Send press kits or promotional materials, to 3220 W Julie Dr. Phoenix AZ 85027 or by email info@writersnauthors.com