Author Interview with Shavonda Robinson

Author Interview with Shavonda Robinson

Author Bio Shavonda Robinson is an author of five books.
Thy Paintbrush To Abstracting Images.
Hidden Voices Of Abuse For All Women Around The World.
Your Worst Nightmare.
Moving Phrases Into Inspiration.
I Am A Free Woman Poems For A Little Girl.
She has been published in many Anthologies and Magazines.
She has a degree in creative writing.
She is an award-winning Songwriter and Poet.
She is the mother of two beautiful children.
She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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We ask Shavonda to tell us about her writing:

I wanted to expose my who i am and things i’ve been through in my life.

What made you write a book about…? Life Experiences

Where do you get inspiration for your stories? Mainly music

There are many books out there about….What makes yours different?
I have my own story, my own message and vision.

What advice would you give budding writers?
Keep writing regardless

Do you have another profession besides writing? No

How long have you been writing? Over thirty years

Do you ever get writer’s block? Yes   What helps you overcome it? Writing out my ideas and choosing the ideas or topics that’s most important

What is your next project?
Love Memories In The Rain

What genre do you write and why? Poetry, Non-Fiction, Literary Fiction, Children’s Literature, Mystery/Thrillers

If you could go back in time, where would you go? Back to being a kid again

Favorite travel spot? Costa Rica

If there is one thing you want readers to remember about you, what would it be? Inspiring others with my words

Book by Shavonda Robinson

I am a free woman: Poems for a little girl

Shavonda is a poet-activist for the rights of abused women, her poems tell the drama of women abused often in the family. Tell them with a disarming and raw simplicity. The book raises funds for autism research.

Your Worst Nightmare

A Serial killer escapes from prison after serving 15 years. She has a purpose and will continue with her murderous plans……
Starting with a group of teenagers.

Clara and her friends are now living in constant fear of a serial killer unknown to them.
Well, the plan is simple. They need to find out the identity of the killer and fast! Then figure out a way to stop her, before getting killed.

“I did not want to wake up. I never wanted to face this day, the day I may die a ruthless and enormously painful death. But like always, I woke up.”

When there are secrets from the past, which your family didn’t tell you about. When you and your friends lives are in danger. When you have nowhere to escape and probably nowhere to hide from a serial killer, who can you trust?

Moving Phrases Into Inspiration

This collection of poems, song lyrics, and diary entries are based on moving phrases that can quickly turn into inspirational moments throughout our lives. Each poem is a passage and unique emotion which includes different topics like love, loneliness, death, inspirational themes, heartbreaks and many others. These poems are confessional phrases from the poet’s point of view throughout different situations of life. These poems will also speak volumes to anyone who can relate in some way. Each poem has a message inside of them that captures a glimpse through the poet’s heart and soul.

Thy Paintbrush to Abstracting Images

A collection of poems that will take readers on a constant, visual journey by creating a world between an abundant imagination and reality-based situations. This poet has a way of waving her magic wand and putting up a persuasive point of view. This poet also has super pen powers on the page with a creativity level that cannot be tamed, and she will dazzle you with her captivating gift when it comes to connecting with others by using images and musicality to tell different poetic stories throughout the entire book.

Hidden Voices Of Abuse: For Women All Around The World

This is a powerful motivational book that will help shed light on women who are in abusive relationships around the world. This book will also give a voice to many women who are afraid to speak out against being in a dangerous relationship or help recognize the signs of being in abusive relationship. This is a vital guide to helping women all the across the world to escape before it is too late and begin the road to recovery and self love. You deserve to be treated as an equal partner no matter who you are. You can become an survivor of abuse not just another victim of circumstances.

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