Ler’e “Hustle God” Garrett Author Interview

Ler’e “Hustle God” Garrett

Becoming A Powerful Creator

Captured at Tooned Studios on May 20, 2018 by Brian Vega @iAmTheBay

Ler’e “Hustle God” Garrett, is an awakened being from the San Francisco bay area. born and raised in her current hometown of Oakland, ca. Ler’e who goes by the alias “hustle god”, is a mother of 2 young men she raised as a single mother all while attending college and working 3 jobs. in college she received 4 college degrees 1 being a Bachelor of Science in the field of kinesiology with a minor in physical therapy. with cum laude status the remaining degrees held by hustle god are associates degrees in social and behavioral science, liberal arts and radiologic science. it was the combination of overcoming the struggles of her childhood, educational studies, a traumatic near-death experience and her spirituality that lead up to the awakening that brought forth the knowledge that lead to the development of become a powerful creator the book and the motivational speaking series.

How did you do research for your book? I used my PowerPoints from my motivational speaking series, which I created through meditation as a way of explaining how I recreated myself through the understanding and application of meta physics

Which was the hardest character to write? The hardest character to write was the individual as an abstract self. The easiest? the easiest to write was that that already exist in the abstract

In your book you make a reference to…. 5d+Being theory  how did you come up with this idea? Well through my own personal journey I came to the realization that all the spiritual stuff that was out here to be learned by anyone who chooses to learn it can also be applied in reality, thus creating a bridge between the physical world and the metaphysical world, which is the 5d+ being, a being with a physical body but with a metaphysical mind, basically the human body with soul residing knowingly and effectively inside.

What made you write a book about…? It was my purpose, to understand those things which I had studied and those which I had experienced and develop it into wisdom that could be articulated to the people. Particularly the purpose of becoming the 5d+ being or the highest ascendant self without transcendence

Where do you get inspiration for your stories? Personal life experience, and ancient teachings like the lost book of enki, the secret which I haven’t read but I have been inspired by what I’ve heard it does for others who have read it, the bible and the Enuma English, of course some physicist I studied in college like Einstein and newton to name a few also energy in general has always fascinated me

There are many books out there about….What makes yours different? It brings the idea of metaphysics to the urban forefront and actually begins to answer the question of if there is a purpose to life

What advice would you give budding writers? Write from the heart, writing is art and self-expression always write for inspiration or from a place of true inspiration

Your book is set in This universe. Have you ever been there? I am here now

If you could put yourself as a character in your book, who would you be?  The 5d+ being

Do you have another profession besides writing? I’m a retired radiographer but I have several degrees hobbies and interest including having a record label

How long have you been writing? Throughout my whole life

Do you ever get writer’s block? Yes What helps you overcome it? Meditation, fresh air, living

What is your next project? I want to do a book loosely based on my life clled the parasite, a book on my theory on how we from from beast to gods, and maybe ascension call rise of consciousness. But none of those may actually ever happen

What genre do you write and why? Self help, I believe we are all here to make sense of this life and express that sense as art that imitates life.

What is the last great book you’ve read? The illiad

On rituals:

Do you snack while writing? Sometimes. Not really Favorite snack? candy

Where do you write? My space in the living room

Do you write every day? Mostly when time and circumstances permit

What is writing schedule? I tried to write every day but it didn’t always happen sometimes it would b a few weeks between writing sessions

Is there a specific ritualistic thing you do during your writing time? Libations and meditation

In today’s tech-savvy world, most writers use a computer or laptop. Have you ever written? Laptop powerpoint parts of your book on paper? Not really

If you’re a mom writer, how do you balance your time? Write during day night hours

Fun stuff:

If you could go back in time, where would you go? 1800’s

Favorite travel spot? Wherever I am

Favorite dessert? none

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which 3 books would you want with you? Medicine, spiritual, epic

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you? wanting to cheat on my diet The scariest? Passing a parasite The strangest? Near death experience

What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done? never give up

Any hobbies? Chilling or Name a quirky thing you like to do. Sitting alone

If there is one thing you want readers to remember about you, what would it be? I am a become a powerful creator

Become A Powerful Creator: Realize Your Purpose

Have you ever had the feeling that there was a reason for you being born or a reason for your particular life path. Something that made it all make sense. An explanation for the visions, the coincidences and the desires experienced by you in your day to day life. What if the reason to explain these experiences, is that you are destined to become a powerful creator and these experiences work to help you realize your purpose. The realization of your purpose is a process that begins with the awareness of self that leads one to the discovery of their purpose, which may be validated through a cohesiveness of alignments that confirm ones purpose. The actions that are required to confirm your purpose also work to assist you with affirming your purpose through consistent successful attempts of living in your purpose, which is when you’re at the point of crafting that which was written on your akash for you to manifest at a particular time in your universal life cycle. It is then and only then that you are able to awaken to this realization of your purpose and become a powerful creator.

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