Roland Sato Page – Eating The Forbidden Fruit a Fusion of Genres

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 Eating The Forbidden Fruit a Fusion of Genres

Roland Sato Page is preparing to release his forthcoming novel the beginning of 2020. He promise that the book will entertain the masses for those who believe that everyone falls from grace some point in time. A true down to Earth tale loosely based on true events in the author’s life. Roland a St. Louis police officer was convicted of federal crimes. He has a morality battle between his loyalty to his family or the badge.The book takes you on a journey in search of where Roland went wrong in his life. It is a true tale of how sin can lead to criminal acts yet how one man’s love for his family navigated him through the storm. Roland says for his female readers this is a not a fabricated novel but a real urban love story. Roland shares his ups and downs during his childhood, marriage, and career. He states, “What many may like is that I keep it real. No relationship or family is perfect but a true man fights for what he believes in. My life still isn’t perfect but through dialogue I fare through the storm.
So book lovers be on the look out for Eating The Forbidden Fruit early 2020. For updates on Roland Sato Page follow him on his fan page at

Describe me 5 words: Strong, Humble, Passionate, Spiritual, Family Man.

Facts Surprise Ppl: Being a tattoo artist and business man for the past 25 years in the St. Louis downtown area. I am quite a reserve modest individual. I value spiritual wealth before financial wealth.

Work through fear: I been through quite a storm and fare through it. Every problem has a solution.

What scares you: Not leaving my family anything to remember me by. I prepare my family for the future with or without me. Readiness!

Why I write: It’s therapeutic for my depression from Lupus. I was diagnosed ten years ago. i want to leave a legacy for my family.

Have I always enjoyed writing: Not at all. I wasn’t a fan of school at all. However i could always draw. Art is second nature for me.

What motivates me to write: Distracts me from stress. I recently lost my mom to cancer. So it was a number of things that inspired me to tell my story.
What are you most proud of in life: Being a strong husband and father that corrected my flaws and redeemed myself.

Where I grew up: I’m from a military family so we’re like nomads. My mom is from Osaka Japan and dad is Afro Latin. I’m from a multi cultural background. My father last stationed duty was St. Louis therefore this is where we planted our roots. I too traveled the world in the Army so I lived in New York for a period but as I previous stated St. Louis Mo is my home sweet home.

How did I develop writing: A artist has a sixth sense when it comes to seeing things. Now translate that into words.

Hardest about getting published? You know what it’s not about the wealth so I’m doing it at my pace. The marketing is a obstacle for independent authors but when we have platforms like yourself to tell our story. I’m sure independent authors will be okay. Where there is a will there is a way. Right?

What marketing works for me: Let’s see. Social media is so effective if you got a niche one can go viral. You got instagram celebrities that are generating a income from doing crazy stuff.

Is it difficult to share my work: Not at all hopefully someone can learn from my story.

Do friends and family support: 100% a lot of them want to read my story. The media tainted my reputation as a police officer convicted of federal crimes so I want to tell my side of the story. This novel titled Eating The Forbidden Fruit is based on true events in my life. It’s a novel of all genres Drama, Humor, and Romance. It will be available early 2020.

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