Author Interview with Nasasira Boeres – Life Has No Universal Formula

Author Interview with Nasasira Boeres

Life Has No Universal Formula

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How did you do research for your book? I actually did a lot of practical observations from my life orientation and I like listening from stories of my people who are like and not like me. But on the other hands, I used our school library to borrow books about sociology and human development and but for good information I always search on internet to compare my perspectives with other writers and I also like reading books about self-development and inspirational books. So, you can see that there is no special way I did but keep learning…and observing and upgrading.

Which was the hardest character to write? The easiest? Actually according to my story most things were easily flowing and I had little challenge with content creation but of course as a tyro, or any naive person in any to arrange the content in fluid way was a big challenges. Sometimes I could write more and other time I could repeat some characters because I didn’t do plotting and plan. I was moved much by passion.

What made you write a book about…? What made me to write a book about life is actually my life story. From just a humble background where there were no many options, full of challenges, how I went though is still unbelievable and the things I expected after university and how life would be all didn’t go that way. What help me was being flexible and learning to adapt accordingly. Contrary to me, other friends of mine even who were having almost everything didn’t make it and I used my story to study what is happening around and I found that there are many instances where we just complicate life, copy, pretend and follow the crowd. That is why people aren’t happy, authentic, successful and don’t know their purpose. I had written my convictions about life and the very principles that helped me to go through life challenges.

Where do you get inspiration for your stories? First of all I believe that everybody has got a story to tell. And that in life, there are many questions than answers. And do believe that life is just life, spiritual and fluid. You can be or have anything you want and that any life can change by thinking, learning, develop characters, habits that are awesome and working heard.

I wanted to be the part of the world that delivers solution. I didn’t know where to start, I prayed to God several times for that and finally, I read a book of Jim Rohn (The 7 strategies of happiness and wealth) that shade a light to start to know that I too can share my convictions with the world through writings because things I read from him, were things that I was following as my normal life principles and they were working. I loved the Jim and started to record my thoughts till the day I had that spark of my life story that started off my career as a writer.

There are many books out there about….What makes yours different? For sure I don’t know about the difference between, but what I know is that in here are my pure convictions, observations and little research which of course can’t be the same. And I am sure there is nothing much new, all things have been there, there is no secret in this world. The only thing I know is the perspective, conception and interpretation side of every situation, which will never be the same. Every individual has his or her ways and perspect he or she sees things. My book’s difference is there could be, is genuine, pure and no pretense, I didn’t write to be the best writer, earn money or anything – I wanted to share my story and conviction with the world and that is what is there.

What advice would you give budding writers? Let the passion and imagination take you through. You will enjoy the ride, on the way. Just know that you may feel bumps on the way, then discipline will come in and before you break even you have to learn from others and be an authentic thinker for something new that is true to your believe.

If you could put yourself as a character in your book, who would you be? Definitely, like my Dad, being principled, disciplined and deeper in wisdom.

Do you have another profession besides writing? I am still a student, and biotechnologist who is getting interested in computer stuff.

How long have you been writing? I have been developing the character of this write up for four years so far. I started with quoting and I have other titles in the processing.

Do you ever get writer’s block? What helps you overcome it? No, never! Writing has been passion to me, naturally I like sharing, listening and learning from others experiences, and connecting to the stories of others. I learn on each and every other situation, so I have always something to write about and get connected to many ideas from everywhere.

What is your next project? I have many projects so far. But as of now, since I will be graduating next year after my master’s degree on international ground in China. I would love to honor my international friends who have kept warmth around me for all these years with some kind of good write up.

What genre do you write and why? As of now, I am writing self-help / self-development and the reason is the gap I saw on how people still believe orthodox way and live by default and that is the reason why many are unhappy, unsuccessful and not authentic. We still have a lot to learn about ourselves for better life and self-develop to any persona we aspire to.

What is the last great book you’ve read? I have many book I read of recent but still these three books stand out to be the best ever- The secret by Rhoda Bryne, The Purpose driven life~ Rick Warren, 7 strategies of happiness and wealth~ Jim Rohn and think and grow rich- Napoleon Hill.

Do you snack while writing? Favorite snack? Not really that much, I am not fun of snacks. But sometimes I do with flied nuts.

Where do you write? In the beginning I had no laptop and I had to buy lots of nice note books, the problem with note books could get missing and I had to rewrite and then the character will lose flavor. But nowadays, I write on my computer and save every of my work in safe place.

Do you write every day? Not really, I can never stress myself. But since I am passionate at writing, every now and then when my mind conceives something I incubate and in appropriate time I seat and write. Before I write I have to take care of my feeling, I normally eat and drink whatever health thing my body feels like and then I start to download matters.

What is your writing schedule? I have strange and flexible schedule. I always use day time to think, learn, research, incubate and retain great mysteries and at night after eating the nice food I like maybe from 8pm- 10 pm I first read the nice material that is related to what I want to write about, I do my evening prayer devotion time and then 11pm -3am is my favorable time I always write. Most times 3-4am is thinking time of what is next and develop quotes as summary of what I wrote about that day.

Is there a specific ritualistic thing you do during your writing time? Wow, definitely, Music has been the magic behind my writing. I like oldies, reggae and country music.

I listen many times Ugandan music called Kadongo Kamu (has much wisdom in it), Ugandan gospel music by Judith Babirye and Pr. Wilson Bugembe -edifies my spirit, circular music is also on my list- Jose Chameleon and reggae music with late Lucky Dube (greatness) and my best country musician is Don Williams (connects me to the world of love and motivates me)

In today’s tech-savvy world, most writers use a computer or laptop. Have you ever written parts of your book on paper? Yes, three years before I was writing on paper and I lost all my content. That was sad to rewrite it again and took me time for this project to back on the wheel. It was terrible experience.

Favorite travel spot? Champagne Beach, on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu, South Pacific region, Seychelles exclusive travel destination with paradisiacal beaches, the turquoise sea and Patagonia, Argentina for steppes, grasslands but I will begin with Zanzibar

Favorite desert? Antarctica after Arctic and Sahara desert. I hope to visit them someday.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which 3 books would you want with you?

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert -also author of Eat Pray Love- gives an open source to you creative thinking,

The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey– unleashes the mysteries of spirituality and living open heartedly.

The Power of Less-teaches how to eliminate doing unnecessary and do only the essentials by  working smarter, less and focus on what you want.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you? The scariest? The strangest? There many of them but what I remember well is a day back in my village when I was young. My family use to do distillation of crude alcohol to sprit one and in the after as they were distilling, the first coming is super concentrated and my dad couldn’t allow you to taste it. So I went to secretly without anyone knowing, with a long straw directly inside the jerry can and started to sip seriously. It was so strong, and in my mind was like let me stop now, then like take another one sip, another one, one more, again and again….at the end I lost the consciousness and I went home stagaring in the road and at home I had to go to bed directly at around 2pm and at 7pm in the evening I woke up and I never wanted to miss the school because of the competition of the 1st position. So strangely I woke up in that evening and looked at the wall watch, it was 7 and looking half dark, in mind it was like 7 am . so hurriedly I grabbed the basin and bathed, put on uniform and hold my bag to go to school. There in dining room my mum was kind shocked of how 7pm dressed in full uniform with bag going to school. She told me it is 7 in the evening not in the morning and what made so strange was when my brothers so me made a big comedy for almost a year. Of how I drank liqua and lost the sense of time.

What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done? The day I went to university with only borrowed money for transport, a file that clips paper and note book. Only to make the scripture come to pass and then I get God to His promise- He who begun a good work will accomplish it till the end. And yet in rough way I manage to graduate.

Any hobbies? or Name a quirky thing you like to do. I like soccer, though because of being busy I just watch my favorite teams and other hobbies are cycling, listening to music and reading. But above all- I like books and writing.

If there is one thing you want readers to remember about you, what would it be? Not much, but maybe if my readers can connect with the message in my first book, just knowing that LIFE HAS NO UNIVERSAL FORMULA of how this can bring endless happiness, success, freedom and help people discover their purpose by living real life without pretense and following crowd.




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