Debut Authors

Debut Biographies & Memoirs Author Shannon Hannan – Author of Living Under a “Rock” : “The Red House”

Debut Author Sherry Levesque author of Demented

Debut Author Ashley Christin – Author of BREAK ME

Debut Author Ian Leaf Author of Starting an HFC Business at Home

Debut Author Dr. Ralph La Guardia author of The Doomsday Book of Medicine

Debut Author George Mazurek author of The City of Wizards

Debut Biographies & Memoirs Author Michelle S. Pape. Michelle is the Author of The True Story Child of Steel

Debut Author Gregory Brown MD author of New Mind New Body

Debut Author P., Piero DDS author of Never Brush Your Teeth Again!: Startling Information on How Oral Health Impacts Your Entire Body

Debut Authorh Matt Jordan author of Unleash Godly Power

Debut Children’s Books Author Clyde Heath author of Kids Have Ups and Downs Too! and Kids Have Ups and Downs Too: A Bully’s Journal

Debut Author Jeremy Stafford Phoenix Sweet16 DJ Author of Planning your Sweet 16 Book

Debut Author Carole Emma Mathewson author of  The Hostess of Providence and The Waste of War

Debut Author Vickie Musni Author of Personalities for Business

Debut Author Sandra and Daniel Biskind author of PEACE: Power Up Your Life

Debut Author Alan Smithson author of DJ Prophets

Debut Author Volker G. Fremuth Author of The Workshop

Debut Author Dionne Bell Author of Golden Choices

Debut Author John J. Higgins Author of The Archangel Jarahmael and the War to Conquer Heaven – Trilogy 1

Debut Author Donald Williams Author of Personal Management with Purpose & Wisdom

Debut Children’s Books Author Sam Skinner Author of The Legend of Bob Wire