Love Poems by Dr Tony Beizaee Book Review

Love Poems by Dr Tony Beizaee Book Review Love Poems by Dr. Tony Beizaee is a spiritual collection of twenty-five poems. There is a variety of poetry within the book mostly embracing love. Dr. Beizaee sees the beauty of love you can feel it when you’re reading his poetry. I enjoyed the writing style in […]

Conversation with Author Dr. Tony Beizaee

Who is Author Dr. Tony Beizaee Conversations with Authors  I always enjoyed reading books and when I was a teenager, I start to draw with an absolute passion but I always wanted to be a storyteller for my artworks, as my drawing and paintings are sinuous idealized Romanism, symbolism with a touch of abstractionist and I wanted […]

Love Poems by Dr. Tony Beizaee Book Suggestion

Love Poems by Dr. Tony Beizaee Book Suggestion A collection of romantic Love Poems intermingled with passages of spiritual enlightenment, LOVE POEMS promises to take the reader on a sublime journey of both written imagery and visual artwork by the author, guiding them to the truth behind what LOVE is and how it connects us […]

Author Interview with Shavonda Robinson

Author Interview with Shavonda Robinson Author Bio Shavonda Robinson is an author of five books. Thy Paintbrush To Abstracting Images. Hidden Voices Of Abuse For All Women Around The World. Your Worst Nightmare. Moving Phrases Into Inspiration. I Am A Free Woman Poems For A Little Girl. She has been published in many Anthologies and […]

Moving Phrases Into Inspiration Book to Read

Moving Phrases Into Inspiration by Shavonda Robinson (Author) Suggested Reading Shavonda Robinson is a mother of two beautiful kids. She is a award winning songwriter and poet. She is a published author of two books. Twitter Facebook Instagram Moving Phrases Into Inspiration This collection of poems, song lyrics, and diary entries are based on moving phrases […]

Book Review Knots & Bonds

Book Review Knots & Bonds A poetic compilation of melancholy & solitude To be with someone comes with a price. Is it for all the good reasons or just to be with someone. To use someone. A bond or a tie. A chain or a commitment. Hedonism or Libertarianism.  You can feel the love in […]