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I always enjoyed reading books and when I was a teenager, I start to draw with an absolute passion but I always wanted to be a storyteller for my artworks, as my drawing and paintings are sinuous idealized
Romanism, symbolism with a touch of abstractionist and I wanted to evoke more emotions so my artworks could whisper my emotions, so I thought by giving it “A voice” by Beautiful Poetry to enrich an
emotional awareness to inspire others to dream more, so I thought perhaps with publishing a book.

I could communicate for my Beloved artwork, In respect to my writing process and the most challenging aspect , initially , I will construct the line in my head, as I am blessed with the creative imagination, I pick up a pencil and start writing to see what pours out, I Love using colorful, emotional and vivid words and phrases until I land on that field of magical “aha” moment, it is indeed an untidy sort of process as time to time a line of riveting sublimity comes as a gift and the poem almost writes itself.

My latest release, which is my first composition book of Poetry is an amazing romantic-spiritual compendium Of twenty five poems in conjunction with over thirty artworks and I am hoping to share my
emotions and the message is to bestow Love, Humanity and Compassion and to remember that we are Love , the ultimate healer, the ultimate manifestation of true LOVE.

I have been deeply touched by the Jewish mysticism of Kabbalah, as seeking God through direct personal experience, as the loyalty of Heart is a duty paramount to all others, I have been shaped by the
pearls of wisdoms of many amazing writers like, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Franz Kafka , Maimonides, Sir Winston Churchill , Elie Wiesel and Amos Oz.

My inspiration is the intense fragility and gentleness of Love and learning to unfold all barriers within ourself to cultivate the Divine music of sublimity in its purest innocence way, and my only advise for
writers are to write with passion and pour all your heart on the planes of paper and not to worry about the outcome, just communicate with love and compassion and just enjoy sharing the gift of your wisdoms.

Love Poems by Dr. Tony Beizaee is a collection of twenty-five powerful poems expressing romantic and spiritual love interspersed with beautiful abstract art in vivid colours. They vary in length from a few short ones to some that are very long. Together, they cause the reader to re-evaluate his or her conception of love in all its forms – the lover – the mother – the child – acceptance of self, and love for and from an omnificent God. “The Temple of the Heart”, one of the longest poems, contrives to address all of those loves and more. Delve deep, and Dr. Tony Beizaee’s beliefs are clear, and never more so than in “Jerusalem” and the final words of the last poem – As Love is God, as God is Love, as the ultimate poetry is love”.

“My hunger has become a fain of fasting” is an evocative line from the My Love, the first of Dr. Tony Beizaee’s offerings in Love Poems, and it drew me into a fascinating collection of an unusual version of freestyle poetry that makes use of capitalised words to create an extraordinary emphasis. In many, capitals are used extensively, yet in “Mother” only for forms of “love”, which gives a feeling of quiet tenderness remembered. “The Blanket of Love”, dedicated to holocaust victims, is the most unusual poem of understanding and remembrance I have ever read, the sheer horror half-hidden but inescapably present. “The Sunrise of Love”, truly romantic, is encapsulated in its short final lines, “and giving love is the ring of the wedding”. Clever and thought-provoking, Love Poems is a book to treasure.

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