Book Review Knots & Bonds

Book Review Knots & Bonds

A poetic compilation of melancholy & solitude

To be with someone comes with a price. Is it for all the good reasons or just to be with someone. To use someone. A bond or a tie. A chain or a commitment. Hedonism or Libertarianism. 

You can feel the love in these poems, they are powerful and embracing,  In one poem “Again” I can actually hear it as a song Found the torch to light, Hey baby, I so wanna make you mine… the poems are easy to read and I feel they could also relate to teenage readers, possible someone new to poetry.

There are poems about travel, being alone, flashbacks, being in love, being together.  Another poem that stuck out to me was “Nobody” I have you it has a little twist of Romeo and Juliet.  The poem titled “Name my Hand” might be my favorite it reminds me of high school writing notes and phone numbers on my hand.

You Turn reminds me of driving till you really dive into the poem U-Turn or I-Turn it still ends in burn.  you can feel the hurt and pain.

Knots & Bonds has several great poems, its a short book, I suggest ordering this kindle book of poetry.

Love has evolved over the last century, like it does over the age of a person. This is a metaphoric ode through the intricacies that shadow one’s affection and emotions. Some weird, some rational- all true

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