Love Poems by Dr Tony Beizaee Book Review

Love Poems by Dr Tony Beizaee

Book Review

Love Poems by Dr. Tony Beizaee is a spiritual collection of twenty-five poems. There is a variety of poetry within the book mostly embracing love. Dr. Beizaee sees the beauty of love you can feel it when you’re reading his poetry.

I enjoyed the writing style in the book, a little different then a traditional poetry book, Beizaee Emphasized words and used capital letters to express feelings effectively. You feel his emotion and depth of understanding. When reviewing a collection of poetry, I give it an open mind I read them out loud to see if it captures feeling and emotions, not only does this collection contain great poetry, there is powerful art throughout, giving you a visual of intense emotion.

Love Poems

Explore the Beauty of the Human Heart and Spirit!
A collection of romantic Love Poems intermingled with passages of spiritual enlightenment, LOVE POEMS promises to take the reader on a sublime journey of both written imagery and visual artwork by the author, guiding them to the truth behind what LOVE is and how it connects us all …
Dr. Tony Beizaee masterfully entwines the power of heartfelt poetry and striking images to weave a Rumi-esque gem in book form. “Love Poems” is a cosmic force to be reckoned with, that will awaken every crease and corner of your soul.

–Eva Xanthopoulos, Founder of Poehemian Press

Dr. Tony Beizaee weaves matters of the heart with human spirituality effortlessly in this compendium of poems that explores love in its many forms. Metaphors sing off the page in these excellent verses. Prepare to be transported to a world of romance and passion.

– Lauren Rickard, writer and journalist for EastLondonLines

When you read Love Poems, you’ll enter Dr. Tony Beizaee’s special world of love, connection, and openness. You’ll learn how to forgive, explore the all-encompassing nature of love, and feel the touch of someone special in his words. You’ll also delight at the heartfelt and touching Artwork illustrations, lovingly created by Dr. Tony, himself. Born from author’s profound imagination as he searches for answers to the ultimate question, LOVE POEMS is a collection like no other.

“You’ll read these verses with your heart as much as your eyes as you touch love, drift in an ocean of ecstasy. Love Poems, by Dr. Tony Beizaee, nurtures blossoming hearts and heals those mourning love lost.

– Cornelia Amiri, Romance Author

This beautiful book will have a huge impact on your heart. Get ready to be swept away by Dr. Tony!

“His feverous passion runs through each stanza which he has deftly orchestrated to illuminate his profound imagination when it comes to seeking the answers to questions that plague the human psyche.”

– Amelia Vandergast, Author

When you order this fresh and fascinating book of love, you’ll discover a wonderful new perspective. You will feel Dr. Tony’s passion and absorb his life wisdom in the 25 love poems he shares in this powerful book:

My Love
Your Devoted Loving Hands
The Sea Of Love
My Longing tears
Love Vows
The Season Of Love
Love Touched Me
The Blanket Of Love
Your Loving touch
The Attainment
Love enfolds Forgiveness
Vanished into Love
Open thine own heart
The Sunrise Of Love
The Infinite
Inception Of Love
Secret Place
The Anatomy Of Heart
Loving Souls
The Prayers
Face Of Love
In the Sea of LOVE my flame of passion devour the winds of the Vessel of our hearts, In the Sea of LOVE, the waves of YOUR HEART Caressing the sands of my Love…”

– Dr. Tony Beizaee, in Love Poems

“Love Poems is an extraordinary poetry collection that takes each reader on an amorous quest through the realm of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.”

– Eva Xanthopoulos, Founder of Poehemian Press

Don’t miss this chance to feed your heart the beauty it craves. Get your copy of Love Poems today and let your spirit fly free!

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