The Legend of the Avatars: The Created World

“When a New World emerges,
Cast more than once into perdition by Evil,
The Avatars will give new life to the earth,
So that a better world may be created,
And Darkness shall not prevail forever.”

The Legend of the Avatars: The Created World

Book Prologue:
We have proven inadequate and stand uncomprehending under the endless sky, spying distant, dark universes that we might one day be able to reach. But for now even our own world remains a mystery to us, and we can only speculate about the origins of our existence. Perhaps the birth of our world was similar to that of the Created World, and the past and future fate of the two will be alike. Who knows?

Book details:
Titles: The Legend of the Avatars – The Created World
Author: Tutmozis (Márk Jusztin)
Publisher: BookBaby
Subgenre: Fantasy / Epic
Language: English
Series title:The Legend of the Avatars
Series Number:1
Pages: 376
Format: eBook & Paperback

Author Tutmozis (Márk Jusztin)
I was born to this world on March 17, 1986 in Hungary, in the town of Kecskemét. But when did my life actually begin? Probably shortly after I was captivated by the world of fantasy and science fiction and became a graphic designer. I first got the idea for the Created World – the first part of The Legend of the Avatars series – on August 16, 2005. From that day my goal has been to show everyone the past, present and future of this world, which is so similar to our own. By the end of the trilogy these stories become so real that in time the reader might realize that they could also be about the creation of our world. Perhaps this is also how our world came to be. Perhaps this is also how we were born. Who knows?

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