Horror Book Suggestion Dead Fall

Horror Book Suggestion Dead Fall

A guilt-ridden microbiologist, haunted by thoughts of the world he might have saved.

A brother and sister with nothing but each other search for direction in a dead world.

An ostracized teen, spiraling into madness, seeks revenge against those who abused and bullied him.

A ruthless convict crosses the country, leading a band of mutinous soldiers.

A woman held captive plots her escape against impossible odds.

They’re all on a collision course, fated to meet on a mountaintop – where the dead rains down from the sky.

Saying I LOVED this book would be an understatement. A zombie novel that fans of books like The Stand by Stephen King and fans of The Walking Dead tv show will enjoy, Dead Fall is a unique gem among a sea of dystopian zombie novels. With multiple unique and intriguing story lines, you’ll find yourself reading with bated breath, eager to know what happens next to each character, even the ones you love to hate.

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