Dytin’s Stones: Windrider Book To Read ~ Military Veteran Author

Dytin’s Stones: Windrider 

When surrounded by constant war, the people are starved for a hero. Samuel Gale grew up hearing stories of epic warriors, fantastic sorcerers, and of his father fighting on the front lines. So, when magical spirits call upon him to discover old family secrets, the once farm boy from a sleepy village is thrust into events that will shape the world, and Sam must play a role he doesn’t completely understand. Join him on his adventures through magical ruins, bandit infested woods, and much more. Come see just how incredible the world of Teva can be…

Notes from the Author

The best book synopsis: Samuel Gale is a naive, innocent young man growing up in poverty and isolation. When the spirits of nature call upon him to become a hero to his people, all he can pull from as examples are the classic archetypes of fairy tale heroes: valiant knights, honorable defenders, etc. He thinks with good intentions and tenacity, he can save the world just on will alone, but what he doesn’t realize is that the world isn’t that simple. People don’t just do what you want because you’re a good person. Heroism isn’t as simple as everyone grows up thinking.

The main thing I think I’d like to get across: How my book (and the series that it will be a part of) is different than most fantasy books. It tries to redefine tropes and assumptions that most readers have about the genre in order to tell a unique point of view on its topics of heroism, sacrifice, war, and death. I tried to make “fantasy” into “reality”.

The series stems from my experiences in the Iraq war and as a paramedic. I thought by bringing it into a fantasy context than people would be able to see and explore those topics without getting bogged down in potentially offensive scenarios. Can’t have the scene muddy the waters so that the message doesn’t get across, you know?

Final Thoughts and Message I’d also like it to be noted that I tried to use a lot of American influences in the book. So many fantasy series use British or European influences, and I felt it was high time American culture get some spotlight. My dwarfs speak with a southern draw instead of a Scottish accent, the main character’s rural home is based off the Shenandoah Valley and so forth. I think that might be a big draw for people.


Dytin’s Stones: Windrider is available of Kindle and Paperback

Buy your copy today! https://amzn.to/2IpMPV0 

** Sidenote from WritersNAuthors.com we love to see Men and Women in the Military, become authors.  As a Military Wife, I personally feel its very therapeutic for our Veterans to write and find an outlet to express themselves.  Reading of a Soldiers time overseas is very eyeopening.

This is a simple way to support a veteran order a copy of this book!

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