Reasons to Listen to The Way We Were AudioBook

Reasons to Listen to The Way We Were AudioBook

Easy listening, The Way We Were is a collection of romantic stories that are bite sized, so that each can be heard in a single session. One story, The Promised Land, is a novella in length but broken into four self-sufficient sections that can be listened to as and when.

By the time a writer has drafted a book and then redrafted many times more, he or she becomes desensitized to it all. Bob Sterry came onto the scene and narrated The Way We Were, breathed new life into the characters and gave an emotional kick to the stories.

Knowing these stories as I did, I listened to Bob’s rendition and again felt the joy, the grief, the heart rending, and that warm, fuzzy feeling you can get from simple, sweet romances.

If you tire of dominant men, subjugated women, and over the top sex scenes, then you’re in for a treat. The Way We Were is collection of lovable romantic stories, nothing more and nothing less.

Just a minute, almost forgot. There is a cozy mystery in there. And cozy is what it is. In fact, you’d be quite happy to let your maiden aunt listen to it.

The Promised Land is set in the sixties which means the story will be classified as being historical. Saying that always breaks me up; I’m part of the sixties and don’t yet consider myself antique. The time frame loses relevance with regard some of the scams the sisters are subjected to. So, apart from the sheer enjoyment you’ll get listening in on their lives, you’ll learn some of the things not to do when traveling abroad. Who are these sisters anyway? you ask. They are three Jewish girls who have escaped the oppression of the Soviet Union and, having reached their destination, find themselves on the wrong side of an interrogation table.

The unnamed hero, the main man in She Reminds Me, is an innocent sort who’d not long been dumped by the girlfriend of his dreams, Pam. No whining from him, he knew it had been his own fault. Someone at the office where he works asked him to be his wingman and he reluctantly tagged along. A girl, insanely like Pam, approached him, but yet again he said all the wrong things.

In Out of the Ashes, Annie lusts after a new life, Baxter lusts after her money and John, well, John is quite bashful and doesn’t dare lust after anything.

A Fine Romance begins with Melanie, Joe, and a schoolgirl crush that becomes just that; crushed. Several years later, they meet up and the tables have turned. Will there be a second-time-around chance or did Joe blow it way back when?

The Way We Were: Jon has spent his adult life besotted by Sally, his wife of more than thirty years. They visited an aunt in a retirement home and Sally went on an errand while they waited for the aunt to be brought from her room. Jon nods off in the chair while Sally is out. He awakes, it’s been an age, but she’s yet to return. To add to the worry, the staff are treating him like a prisoner. What have they done with Sally?

About The Way We Were Audiobook

Author: Rik Stone
Narrator: Bob Sterry
Length: 6 hours 13 minutes
Publisher: Silver Publishing⎮2018
Genre: Short Stories & Anthologies
Release date: July 31, 2018

Synopsis: It seemed more than a little odd that he might meet someone exactly like his ex and on the first night he’d been out since being dumped for bad behavior. If he could get to show her his other side, things might be a little different this time around. But was that likely after what he said in the first two minutes of meeting her?

Jon loved Sally unconditionally, and them keeping him from her was tearing him apart. But they seemed to have complete control over him. How could he possibly turn things around?

Three sisters arrive in a new country. The last thing they expected was to end up on the wrong side of an interrogation table, but does it turn out to be what they’d always hoped for?

Widowed several years earlier, Annie’s mom cajoled her into starting again, but the world seemed so different now, and there were those who were out to separate her from her money. She wanted to crawl back to the comfort of her self-imposed life of a hermit but that wouldn’t be fair on those worse off than her. The detective she hires to get to the bottom of the problem is really quite a dish, but she had to remember, he was only working for her.

Melanie has a schoolgirl crush on Joe Romano, and when he asks her out, she is more than excited. But he lets her down, and she cries all the way home, swearing never to speak to him again. Six years later, their working lives cross paths. Joe has always carried a torch for Melanie and does everything he can to make up for his boyhood stupidity. Is it too late?

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