The Dark Angel: A Love Story Suggested Dark Fantasy Reading

The Dark Angel: A Love Story

by J.B. Shackle  (Author),‎ Mayfryn (Author)

A man has to decide if he follows his heart and tells his best friend about his feelings or if he plays it safe and stays in the relationship he is in. Socially accepted, but not completely happy.

“What is love? Or friendship?

Given the choice, should you risk everything dear to you to follow your heart and reach for the person you love? Or would you rather live a life that may be mediocre, but safe?

Jean walks a narrow path between his safe haven with Monica – a woman he sort of likes, but not truly loves – and his best friend, Az, whom he loves most dearly, but dares not approach for fear of rejection. In the end, he will have to pick one, or the other. He will have to make the choice, or watch Time take the choice out of his hands.”

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