Merciful Wolf Human – Skinned Wolves Book 6

Merciful Wolf Human – Skinned Wolves Book 6

by Julia Matthews (Author)

Ash was the one who should be leading the werewolves among the Moon Chance Area. Not Karl Sonic. Karl was a despicable man who deserved death for all the crimes he committed against the werewolves Ash was supposed to be leading. That wasn’t possible until Ash’s Dream Bearer showed himself to him. Ash dreamed and prayed for it each night, but it never came. He waited for the one being that meant he could take Karl Sonic, an evil, vile man, from the world. That was what he lived for. That was what kept him calm when his natural born urge to run off and take the seat that belonged to him arose and ate at his insides. He told himself over and over that day would come. When was not known, but it could not come fast enough. As if that wasn’t enough for him to deal with from day to day, he had to constantly combat the advances of the woman his dad stashed away with him. The one his dad deemed to be his chosen mate. Ash had other plans and those did not include a woman he viewed as his sister.

His life wasn’t easy, but he bought time until the day of retribution came. And he knew it would come. When wasn’t clear, but the how was. Or so he thought.

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