Ireland -By Frank Delaney Book Review

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Ireland Author – Frank Delaney
Publisher – Harper Copyright – 2005
ISBN – 0-06-056348-6  Paperback – 559 Pages

Frank Delaney, author of Ireland, had a long career at BBC Broadcasting. He currently is a full time writer. Some of the other novels Delaney has written are James Joyce’s Odyssey, A Walk to the Western Isles and The Celts. Delaney born in Tipperary, Ireland now resides in Connecticut.

In the beginning of the book, Delaney has a page called Author’s Note. I feel I need to quote a part of his note because it really sums up the meaning of the book Ireland. “But we all do that; we merge our myths with our facts according to our feelings, we tell ourselves our own story. And no matter what we are told, we choose what we believe. All “truths” are only our truths, because we bring to the “facts” our feelings, our experiences, our wishes. Thus, storytelling – from wherever it comes – forms a layer in the foundation of the world; and glinting in it we see the trace elements of every tribe on earth.”

Delaney’s book, Ireland, is about a storyteller. Storytellers was a part of centuries old tradition in Ireland. Ronan O’Mara enthralled the people of the Irish Countryside with his tall tales and stories. But O’Mara finds, that his stories are truly part of his own extraordinary saga. Ireland is an account of 2000 years of Irish History and a realization of how every important stories can be. Ireland is a wonderful novel. The books touches your heart and moves your soul. Love the novel!

Book Review by C Scott

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