Elixir of the Ages Book Review

Elixir of the Ages Book Review by Chinmayee N.


Elixir of the Ages starts off offering a simple theory of the misunderstanding of the ego. as the book goes on it take you through self-exploration, self-crisis, and self-help. By the second chapter, the book has a clear focus, on the areas where Eastern philosophy and Western science interact.  “ELIXIR of the AGES” is well written, concise reaching across cultures and religion. The author was analytical with her explanations. This book would be ideal for a reader on a spiritual journey, it will help give perspective to understanding your own journey of self and help you find happiness.

Apart from this book that is still with me today after reading it is “Does a tree have self-confidence? One could say that is doesn’t really matter if it does or not. Every aspect of the tree has evolved to give it the maximum likelihood of growing, adapting, and thriving. It simply is.” Sounds simple but the author is right “Everything about a tree inclines it to endurance and longevity.

I personally enjoyed this book I connected with the breakdown of Happiness I agree that Happiness is a state of mind, not the material things we have in life. I recommend ordering a copy today! 

Elixir of the Ages is not your typical inner sphere epiphany book. Avoiding the usual platitudes and clichés of inner sphere epiphany books about healing and enlightenment, it focuses instead on the areas where Eastern philosophy and Western science interact.

It is in this intersection that she finds wisdom and intelligence that is both ancient and contemporary, empowering and encouraging. Elixir of the Ages will distill two traditions that are often thought to be in opposition into a worldview that is in fact highly complementary and can reach across cultures and experiences to create a new pathway to understanding.

Through a deep exploration of themes of identity, possibility, and persistence and transformation, Elixir of the Ages creates an unforgettable synthesis of the best of philosophy and metaphysics with the latest discoveries in neuroscience and behavioral studies.

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