Book Suggestion Ria, are you ok?: Adventures in Pakistan

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Ria, are you ok?: Adventures in Pakistan (My Last Vacation)


Ria is a treasure hunter trying to find her way in the world while looking after her alcoholic friend.

Bruno is a teacher who decided to take his dog on an adventure.

Peter is a freelance writer whose trip to India takes an unexpected turn.

Bong Gu is a Chinese dog, sharing his perspective on the events he encounters on an open-ended journey alongside his master.

Gwen is an alcoholic artist whose personality disorder is unwittingly unleashed on those around her.

This is their story.



Name: Gwen Martel

Age: 25

Birthday: November 23rd

Eyes: Brown

Height: 163

Weight: 56

Hair: Light brown

Place of birth: Quebec, Canada

Race: French-Canadian

Alignment: Chaotic-Good

Likes: Alcohol. Animals. Art. Drawing. Reading. Writing. Solitude. Anime. Cosplay. Video games. TV Shows. Comics. Acting. Ria.

Dislikes: Cellphones. Phone calls. Waiting for people. Sports. Advertisements. Small talk. Social situations. People in general.

Abilities: Drawing. Painting. Creative writing. Acting. Improvising. Focusing.

Personality: Eccentric. Impulsive. Whimsical. Unpredictable. Unstable. Quirky. Waggish. Lively.

Flaws: Alcoholic. Can’t multi-task. Bad at sports. Can’t run, swim, climb or ride a bike.


Name: Sanjhar Hamza

Age: 29

Birthday: 23rd October

Eyes: Brown

Height: 1, 70

Weight: 71

Hair: Black

Race: Pakistani

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Name: Ria Lynn  ( 林蕊雅 )

Age: 25

Birthday: May 7th

Eyes: Black

Height: 166

Weight: 54

Hair: Black

Place of birth: Vancouver, Canada

Race: Chinese

Alignment: Neutral-Good

Likes: Camping. Jogging. Games. Riddles. Gwen. Technology. Learning. Puzzles. 

Dislikes: Ignorant people. Routine.

Abilities: Perception.

Bong Gu

Name: Kim Bong Gu  김봉구

Age: 3

Birthday: May 5th 2014

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 15

Fur: Black

Place of birth: Gejiu, China ( 个旧;中国 )

Race:  Tu Gou  ( 土狗 )

Alignment: Lawful Good

Likes: Eggs, papaya, oats, meat, banana, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, rice.

Dislikes: Dogs, noise, bothersome people.

Personality: Curious, submissive, calm, cautious.

Flaws: Panicky. Poor eyesight.

Abilities: Tracking +6 Agility +10. Loyalty +19 Obedience +18 Endurance +16 Perception +19 Finding treasure +4 High jump +8 Focus (+4 next turn) +8 Locating dead animals +17 Regeneration +6 Stealth +10 Bite +5 (1d6 pierce damage) Service dog +16

Stats: con 6 int 10 wis 12 Cha 8 str 5 dex 14

Items: Rubber ball, backpack, service dog uniform, ID, certificate, dog’s passport, warm winter vest (+4 warmth), light, protective vest (+10 protection from pierce, stun, cut, cold, insects, -2 movility, +3 warmth) bell, dog ration

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