Book Reviews and Their Importance for Authors

The Importance of Book Reviews for Authors

As an author, you might have some copies of your book set aside by the publisher for review purposes. If you have ever been reviewed, you know how they can affect your credibility and mental stability – we kid you not. If the reviews are positive, you feel like you are on cloud nine. And if they are negative, you feel like every effort of yours has ended up in vain and the world is crashing down on you.

However, being an author, have you ever stopped and thought who these book reviews are for and if they really affect the sale of your books?

Simply by typing out ‘book reviews’ on Google, you will get a plethora of pages around the world that are dedicated to book reviews. The search can be further narrowed by entering author names, genres, or simply the title of the book that you need a review for.

Apart from the websites, there are several online forums, handy magazines, papers, and directories solely dedicated to book reviews for hundreds of thousands of books written by different authors.

But then again, who all read these reviews and why do they matter so much that there are so many platforms that publish them exclusively? Find out here!

Here is who sees book reviews and why they are important.


1.      The Author

The number one category that gets highly affected by book reviews includes book authors themselves. As an author, you will always be eager to know what people think of your publication. Checking these book reviews will not only make you feel good about your writing being appreciated but also give you an idea of the weak areas where you can improve.

Thus, book reviews are important for authors because they are just like feedback. Positive reviews make you feel appreciated while negative ones are constructive and help you get better.


2.      Other Authors

People in similar businesses are always curious to see what is going on with their competitors. The same is what happens in writing.

Writers other than the actual book writers keep looking for the latest book reviews, especially for the books that fall in the same genre that they write for. But you don’t have to be scared because it is a healthy competitive environment.

If you are appreciated by people, other writers may also join them and cheer for you. If you have gone wrong, there will be some who show a willingness to help you improve.


3.      Publishers

Publishers are always eyeing books and writings that are liked by the masses. They go through book reviews to get an idea about the success of a book and get in touch with authors to make a deal regarding featuring specific books on their cover pages and other promotional platforms like websites or social media profiles.

This helps them get famous, too.


While the above-given three entities are who book reviews matter the most to, the list doesn’t end here. Book reviews are also important for everyone who is in the academic field or into bookselling, publishing, displaying, reading etc. These commonly include librarians, tutors and educators, booksellers, usual readers etc.

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