Websites Are a Must-Have for Authors – Here’s Why

Website Design Can Easily Make or Break Writers and Authors

Website design is so much more than simply swathing webpages in a lot of colors, fancy fonts, and HD images. It is more about functionality, user-friendliness, and the type of content that you publish.

Just as with several other professions, websites and website design hold significance for writers and authors. While websites play a prominent in the success of businesses and entrepreneurs, the same can bring you to face failure if they are not designed correctly.

The same is true in the case of a writer’s website.

Here are some important reasons why writer’s websites are crucial to their success.

1.      Author’s Websites Tell It All

Your author’s website will be the first impression that people get of you. It tells your readers about you, your work, your achievements, your style of writing, etc.

It is not a social media space where you struggle for attention. You don’t even have to worry about algorithms obstructing people from seeing your posts. Your author website is dedicatedly yours and no one else can control it.


2.      It is the Core of Your Online Presence

Writer’s websites act as a medium to mark their online presence. Generally, internet users are more likely to rely on websites than on social media profiles. When people look for you online and get to your website, they are more likely to stay because of all the content that you have available.

You can include your biography and other similar details including your achievements, best-seller books, etc. Don’t forget to include links to your social media pages so that they follow you and keep getting routine updates. This will make marketing easier for you.


3.      Author’s Websites are Effortless Marketing Tools

While the sole purpose of building a website is to allow people to know you as an author and a person, it is also an amazing marketing tool. You don’t have to pay extra for publishing your content or anything about yourself on your own website.

In simpler words, a writer’s website is their means for marketing that only require an initial investment and some periodic maintenance. This will be far cheaper and convenient than taking on marketing modes that require hiring top-notch marketers and lots of money.

Apart from this, you can also add a ‘subscription’ option where people can register to get emails and offers from you. You can send an email every time there is a new book, any other news, or an offer that you’d like to share.

These three are some amazing benefits of writer’s website but the list doesn’t end here. There are several other pros of such websites and you will get to know them better once you have your website ready.

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