Author Lenn Trappe & Vanguards (American Coyotes Book 1)

Author Lenn Trappe & Vanguards (American Coyotes Book 1)

Len Trappe was born and raised in the USA. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was a school teacher that holds a master’s degree in education. He also is a businessman who has tried to promote positive leadership for children. He visited many impoverished neighborhoods in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Dominican Republic etc to have a first-hand view to write this book.

The book is about a government bill that is passed in Congress that sparks more children being smuggled into the USA. A death of a 10-year-old occurs. Investigation happens. Murder Mystery/crime/ child death/ child smuggling into the USA

Frank “Pache” Pachecano, a former ICE detective, has been tapped by female FBI special agent Aitana Garcia, to help solve the murder of a ten year old girl. The government of the United States had recently enacted the Disabled Children’s Immigration Act, which said any disabled child under the age of twelve, who was found on North American soil illegally, could enter a DCI program and receive full citizenship at the age of eighteen.

A young girl, around the age of ten, fell of a boat that had children being smuggled into the United States from Cuba. She was found dead on the beach the next morning, along with a middle aged man who had been shot in the chest and killed. Special Agent Garcia claimed the infamous ‘American Coyotes’ smuggling ring was involved, and she needed Pache to help her prove it.

What they didn’t understand at the beginning of their investigation, was that the smuggling ring had much more depth than they expected. Psychiatrists, doctors, lawyers, schools and many others were benefiting from the subsidized money the government was giving out to the DCI programs.

Investigation sheds light on the corruption of American/Foreign children’s education for money.

Exciting book! Crazy story. The government passes a Disabled Childrens Immigration Act that lets disabled illegal immigrant children get citizenship if they are smuggled to the US by age 12. A ten year old girl dies while being smuggled into the United States from Cuba (she falls off a boat and drowns). Two detectives find out she was going to be falsely diagnosed as disabled and put into a DCI boarding school program for a cash payout.
She was being smuggled in by the American Coyotes (a notorious smuggling gang.) The detectives chase down this gang and everyone else involved in the story. It’s crazy to think this stuff is real. All these kids trying to get into the country, dying on the way. Trump wants to build a wall, people are protesting for open boarders. Coyotes are charging all this money to smuggle people in from Mexico. This book is great at showing both sides of the immigration argument. It’s a short read too. I definitely recommend reading it.

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