Product Review

Zantado Egg Topper Cutter with Stainless Steel, Egg Cracker Tool of Soft Boiled Eggs Shell Cutter Smooth Round Opening.

EggShell Cutter Easy to Use and Work in Your Kitchen.

Love Your Eggs

I LOVE the Zantado!  This might be one of my favorite new kitchen gadgets. We eat eggs either soft boiled or hard boiled almost every day of the week so this tool is really getting used in our house. I have even used the egg topper cutter just to take the top off when I’m separating egg whites.

It did take us a couple of eggs to nail it down and get the hang of it and fine tune the technique, but ones you do you will have perfect eggs every time.

Cooking with kids this kitchen tool can add a new mix of fun.  I used the tool to open the eggs by removing the tops for some fun in the kitchen with the kids.  The eggs were already opened so they each were able to take a turn emptying the eggshell in the mix, the kids loved it normally this is a set they do not get to take part in because the egg get so messing or shells get in the mix however with the Zantado Egg Topper Cutter tool, they were able to enjoy the new experience.

Traveling / RVing with the  Zantado Egg Topper Cutter we have tried other kitchen tools before and its been luck of the draw how they work.  The Egg Cracking Tool was an interesting product right away, we are big RVers and we are always looking for products that are small and lightweight they will work good on the road, the kitchen gadget now has a permanent place in our house and RV.

How to use it….

1.Hold the egg (if it’s hot, insulate your hand),put the dome of the egg cracker on the egg’s small end and touching the cracker dome with the hand holding the egg (keep the tool not down drop. Note: do not let your hands are too high because when the pendulum falls, it can hurt you)

2.You pull the pendulum up then Releasing it for 3 or 5 be sure a complete circle is cracked all the way through.

3.Remove the topper, leaving your egg with a perfect circular crack. Gently remove top of egg shell with fingers or knife. Dispose of egg shell! Then cook any delicious food you like!


About the Product

  • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN – The eggshell topper is made of duty stainless steel so you easily cleaning it, durable and unbreakable, dishwasher safe and no extra care is required. Perfect to use at home or in a commercial kitchen.
  • SMALL ,LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – The hole or circle of egg shell cutter is just wider than the average tea spoon,the inside edge is a simple rim,smooth and not sharp. Suitable to bring when traveling, picnic.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SIZE EGG – The egg shell cracker is designed for small,medium or large size egg such as duck egg and goose egg,and also used on raw ,hard or soft boiled egg opener; Raw eggs for baking or simply to fry, give a healthy breakfast to you and your family.
  • EASY TO USE, SAFETY AND SAVE TIME – You very easily make a round opening for egg shell . By lifting the Weight then Releasing it to Crack the Top of the Egg .The clever mechanism of the egg topper cutter will cause a vibration and score the shell. As a bonus, the boiled egg cracker features a sharp blade on the inside of the dome for precise scoring. You will no longer worry about eggshell falling around. Your kitchen work becomes easier with eggshell topper cutter.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK. We guarantee you’ll love this wonderful product. But if you’re not satisfied with it, please get in touch with us. We will gladly give you a 100% refund. No questions asked! Please be Careful the Fake Sellers,The Product is Sold Only by Zantado.