Book Review Automation vs. Autocracy: Robogeddon En Route by Atif A K

Book Review Automation vs. Autocracy: Robogeddon En Route by Atif A K

If you are looking for a book that will really get you thinking then  Automation vs. Autocracy: Robogeddon En Route is the perfect read for you.  This book is very well written and uses the proper phrases and terms for Robotic Technology,  Technology is around every corner, we use it 24/7, Automation vs. Autocracy makes you stop and think about what you’re really using, giving you a new appreciation on behind the scenes of technology and seeing how it has started to take over our lives.  

As I’m writing this review I’m reflecting on the facts I read the book on kindle, that I ordered on my iPhone and read online, I’m using the computer to type the review with my wireless mouse and my Bluetooth headphone on listening to music….  Technology makes our life so much easier but it also takes us into our own world, forgetting about family, friends, and the people we care about.

Taking it to the next level this book brings up the point on freedoms and privacy. We need technology in our world but we need to remember its a big world out there we need to pull our faces away from the computer and go for a walk and visit the great outdoors.  The next book you order, order a paperback sit outside, get some sun and relax reading your book, let your brain wind-down.

Every coming day our lives are becoming more dependent on Automation. Beyond software, hardware too is becoming increasingly dominated by Robots. The ghost in machine is out, and uncontrollable. It could become a resource apocalypse with an unavoidable Robogeddon.

The book tracks the timeline of autocracy and the fight for resources within the context of global domination and cultural invasion. The evolutionary process of modern markets and the civilization impact to tip the scales- is nothing short of a nightmare.

This investigation comes with solutions and suggestions of how to reverse engineer, revive or sustain this aggressive interjection of technology.

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