Why Your Brain Needs to Read Every Day

Brainy Brain Benefits of Book Reading

“Books train your imagination to think big.”

-Taylor Swift

The above-given words may sound like a cliché but they are indeed very true. Reading not only allow you to productively use your time but also energizes your brain by stimulating activity.

Book reading allows you to explore past, present, and future but also incites imagination and creativity. Books give you an unfathomable view of ideas, emotions, and knowledge.

As per a Chilean novelist, short-story writer, poet, and essayist Roberto Bolano:

“Reading is like thinking, like praying, like talking to a friend, like expressing your ideas, like listening to other people’s ideas, like listening to music, like looking at the view, like taking a walk on the beach.”

If you aren’t convinced about the benefits of reading, you need to check out how it helps the human brain.

1.      Book Reading Improves Brain Connectivity

The human brain tends to develop and grow amazingly during reading. Reading might seem simple but your brain actually decodes a series of symbols and words that enable it to interpret things deeply and convert them into meaningful thoughts and ideas.

The brain works the same way an orchestra does with different parts of it working together, mimicking the way an orchestra’s sections work in harmony. This way, our ability to think, decode, and create increases.

Research shows that regular reading can impact cognitive decline related to the age factor and keeps the brain in good health.

2.      It Increases Reasoning and Problem-Solving Power

In addition to emotional intelligence and improved understanding of words, reading helps improve fluid reasoning. Fluid reasoning is the ability of the brain that enables you to solve problems, grasp what is being told/shown, make out patterns, and comprehend things deeply.

Studies show that reading increases the flow of blood to different neural region depending on how reading is carried out and what type of content is being read.

3.      Reading Relaxes the Human Brain Because of Being Immersive

The most difficult part of reading is to bring yourself to read instead of other entertaining activities like playing games, listening to music, and spending hours on social media. Once you are successful at this, you will become habitual of reading. Start by reading a suspense novel that makes you curious and compels you to look forward to reading through the climax.

Books are immersive. They can easily disconnect you from the world and divert your mind from every worldly worry. And this is what helps the human brain to relax.

4.      Book Reading Improves Focus

Provided that the book you are reading is of your interest, books can keep you engaged for hours and hours without allowing you to get bored. This continuity and consistency together help improve your attention span and focus.

This is chiefly because when you read a book, all your attention revolves around getting to the conclusion or climax of the book or the story that you are reading.

Start reading and you will be surprised at how it transforms your life for the best. Begin by purchasing your first book at Writers and Authors.

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