Why Book Reviews Are the Key to Success

Why Book Reviews Are the Key to Success

We always advise authors that when they write a book to get as many book reviews as possible. This is because our society has turned into one that relies on the opinions of others when making a decision, and what book to read is no different. The best way to get these reviews is to reach out to professional book review companies like Writers and Authors.  We have bloggers and reviewers who are interested in reading your book and leaving you an honest review.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Self Publishing


 Amazon is the number one way authors sell books. The more reviews you have on Amazon, the more Amazon will promote your book. While there is no set number, from what we have seen in the industry,  they don’t even notice a book until it reaches fifty reviews. When Amazon promotes your book, presumably you will have more sales.

Even Bad Reviews are Good Reviews

This sounds counterintuitive, but while good reviews are the ultimate goal, a bad review is better than no review. This is because people give your good reviews more credibility if you have a few bad reviews to counter them. If you have all 5-star reviews it looks a bit suspicious, and readers tend to think it’s all your friends and family leaving glowing reviews. The critical reviews add validity to the good reviews.

Reviews Produce Sales

When people are deciding what books to read, they focus on the reviews that have been left. The more reviews you have the more likely other readers are to buy your book. If there are only ten reviews, you don’t have an in-depth survey of what people liked about your book, and if they didn’t like it, why they don’t recommend it. If you have sixty reviews, most good and some bad, then people understand what they can expect from the book and if this aligns with what they want to read.

You Need Criticism

When someone gives you honest, critical feedback it makes you a better writer. Your friends and family might not always be honest with you. Maybe your books are a bit slow at times, or a bit wordy, or a bit too long. A good reviewer will focus on the good things, but also let you know where you can improve. If you take the criticism in stride and learn from it, your writing will greatly improve.

They Give You Content

In this new digital world, we are always looking for content to post on our websites and social media accounts. Reviews are great because you can share them by posting them to your Facebook page, Instagram account, or website. When your followers see the good reviews it will encourage them to check out your book.

Reviews feed authors.  Obviously good reviews feed you more, they tell you that you are doing a good job and to keep going, but all reviews give you the fuel you need to keep writing. So next time you release a book make sure to give Writers and Authors a chance to find readers to read and give their opinion on your book. It will make a big difference in your writing and your book sales.

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