The Legend of Bob Wire by Sam Skinner – Book Review

Texas history, Oil Field Hijinks, Mystery and Hearsay… This is such a fun picture book, it’s a must have for every Texas home, and every oil field / oil rig roughnecks.  Your kids will love the story and the illustrations, they will go on an adventure taming the oil field, solving problems by riding a black panther and using a Rattlesnake for a whip Bob Wire and Roughneck Red, work the oil field and learn the oil business.  Bob Wire saves the day riding a Thunderbolt “Lightning”, jumping on the oil field Jack and roping an oil freight train.  Bob faces a few challenges a Tornado and a Hurricane.

I highly recommend this fun adventure 5 stars!

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The Legend of Bob Wire

The Legend and Adventures of Bob Wire is a collection of stories passed down from generations of ranchers, oilfield roughnecks, and boot and saddle makers. These stories along with a vivid imagination have been rolled into a Western legend of epic proportions. A story of transition, grit, and heroics, The Legend and Adventures of Bob Wire chronicles a way of life that is still ongoing today. The lessons learned here will last a lifetime. Enjoy!

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