Five Common Mistakes on Authors’ Websites

Three Mistakes That Can Fail an Author’s Website

The internet is stuffed with articles that tell about the importance of having a website and those that particularly discuss the significance of authors’ websites. As a writer or an author, you will be able to find numerous reasons you should get a website made for yourself where you can publish your work, sell your writings, and market yourself.

However, one thing that authors and their website designers often miss is learning about the “don’ts” for such websites.

If you are intending to get your website soon or if you already have a writer’s website that isn’t performing well, here are five mistakes that you might be making that can result in a complete failure.

If you don’t have a website, read to learn about what you SHOULD NOT do/have on your website. If you already have a website, analyze the following mistakes and identify if have been making them in order to correct them immediately.

1.    Preferring Craft over Content

The biggest mistakes that can make an author’s website fail is when the authors prefer design or crafts over the content. Indeed, website design is important. But when it is about a writer’s website, people will be more concerned about the quality of content than how you embellish it.

The best thing to do here is to maintain a balance between the two; i.e. website design and content. Ensure your website looks good while publishing your readers find good. Truth be told, the design will only compel visitors to visit your website but the content you publish is what will make them visit frequently.

2.    Author-Oriented Instead of Reader-Oriented

Yes, you are a famous author and have hundreds of die-hard fans. But that doesn’t mean the readers on your website will be interested in knowing what your babies like to do in their free time. Readers care about what you have to offer to them instead of knowing what you have or are intending to have; unless obviously if it is about your upcoming books/writings.

This might sound selfish but that is how it is and you must avoid stuffing your writer’s website with unnecessary details about your life. Instead, focus on something that will make your readers happy. They will love you more if you do that.

3.    Hiring Your Sister’s Husband’s Brother to Get a Website Designed

The worst thing you can do when getting an author’s website made is hiring an acquaintance to make it for your either free of cost or at a very low cost. You can’t hire inexperienced personnel in the hope of getting discounts while allowing them to practice with your website.

If you are really serious about getting an author’s website, make out the budget to get it done professionally. If you can’t afford it yet, wait for a while and save up till you are ready. Wait if you have to but don’t hire someone randomly to get your website designed; not even to make a debut because ‘first impression is the last impression’.


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