Dragons versus Wyverns: What’s the difference and who would win?

Dragons versus Wyverns: What’s the difference and who would win?


Hello, my name is Craig A. Price, and I’m a USA Today Bestselling Fantasy Author. Today I’d like to discuss the differences between dragons and wyverns, and what might give each creature an advantage over the other.

There is so much popular culture wrapped around dragons. Everywhere you look, you hear about dragons. There are the more worm-looking dragons of the Chinese that you see in their festivals. Then there are the massive dragons you see in games, literature, and television. Everyone knows dragons, and everyone loves dragons. At least, they should. However, I have noticed a problem. There is very little known about wyverns.

I first noticed it a long time ago, and wrote a bit of a paranormal romance book titled, ‘Undiscovered Origins’. But, recently, I wanted to dig into it again. When I ask people about wyverns, very few people know what I’m talking about. And, to make matters worse, popular television is getting people confused by portraying dragons wrong. Some of you who know more about what wyverns are may have already picked this up, but the most recent culprit of this is Game of Thrones. Now, I enjoy watching Game of Thrones, but when I’m watching, I can’t help but to notice that the “Dragons” are actually wyverns.


So, what is the difference between a dragon and a wyvern? Well, they’re similar in many ways. They’re both large reptilian creatures with wings that can fly and usually breathe fire, if not some other kind of element. However, they’re much different as well. The most noticeable difference is their appendages. Dragons have four legs and two wings. Wyverns, however, have only two legs and two wings. They’re more like birds compared to lizards with wings. Another thing typical for wyverns is they’re much smaller than dragons. An adult dragon is massive. Think of the size of a barn. A wyvern, however, may be more around the size of an elephant.

So, here’s the million dollar question I wanted to answer with my book. Who would win, an army of dragon riders, or an army of wyvern riders? It’s a tough question, because they’re both such beautiful creatures. Dragons are tough, but wyverns are quick and would have better air maneuverability. What happens when you change a few variables. Like, what if the wyverns outnumber the dragons? And, what if they can use different elements from each other. Think of an army of horse riders versus an army of elephant riders. The elephants are much stronger, but with enough horse riders, their speed and maneuverability could be no match for the elephants if their general used them right.
So, what do you think? What team are you on? #TeamDragon or #TeamWyvern ?

Check out my new series, Dragonia Empire, starting with, Dragonia: Rise of the Wyverns, to see my take on the question of wyverns versus dragons.

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Dragonia Empire, Book 1 Rise of the Wyverns Audio Sample

About Dragonia Empire, Book 1 Rise of the Wyverns

Author: Craig A. Price Jr.
Narrator: Reuben Corbett
Length: 5 hours and 46 minutes
Series: Dragonia Empire, Book 1
Publisher: Craig A. Price Jr.
Released: May 30, 2018
Genre: Epic Fantasy

The Resistance struggles to find a way to defeat the Dragonia Empire; all hope seems lost against the dragon riders, until they discover an island full of wyverns.

Devarius has lost everything. His parents murdered, his sister kidnapped, and the new village he called home: destroyed. The Dragonia Empire has gotten out of control, destroying anything and everything in its path searching for the Resistance.

Devarius is left with little choice but to find the Resistance, join them, and hope he can help them defeat the Dragonia Empire once and for all to bring peace to the land of Kaeldroga.

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