Code Like A Pro: The Developer’s Handbook

Book to Read

Are you a programmer who strives to achieve excellence? Are you passionate about coding? Do you love writing beautiful and efficient codes? Have you gone through a lot of “Coding Best Practices” articles, and you are still confused about how to write brilliant codes?

If you answer “YES” to any of these question, this book is for you. This book contains 30 golden rules that you can implement while coding to make your code stand out.

Who should read this book?
If you are a student who is trying to learn programming.
If you are a programmer and wonder about how to write awesome codes.
If you are a software developer who wants to improve the way you code.
If you think you are an awesome programmer and willing to learn if there is still any scope of improvement.

Who should not read this book?
If you think reading is simple waste of time.
If you do not like programming.
If you think you are an awesome programmer and there is no scope of improvements in the way you code.

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