13th Grade: Real World 101 Suggested Book to Read

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13th Grade: Real World 101

Suggested Book to Read

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This book is for everyone who’s asked, “Why do I know the Pythagorean theorem and not how to do my taxes?” It’s not about telling you what to do, it’s about gaining the knowledge in order to make your own informed choices.

The information in this book is based on both scientific research and the experience of relevant experts.

The book covers a myriad of subjects and shows how to:

  • build wealth and make sense of the stock market and other investment opportunities,
  • understand taxation,
  • prepare yourself for the realities of the working world,
  • assert your lawful rights as a US citizen,
  • make a plan for a successful future,
  • and much more.

In addition, two other short books are included within:

1) The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin


2) you, You, YOU are the Philosopher by Alvin Chester

The choice is your greatest power, but we only have a choice when we have the knowledge to go along with it.

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“The author is honest and vulnerable. He exposes many of his past experiences (both good and bad) to help others. Everyone would benefit from multiple topics in this book. These are things that are learned and past down but often not taught in formal schooling. Life is hard and Daniel reveals this while giving you options to make decisions to make your life a bit easier and more fulfilling. The author shines in the chapter on “Laws,” drawing from personal experiences.” ~ Ryan Fannon Amazon Review