Book Review The Hanging by Paddy Bostock

Book Review The Hanging by Paddy Bostock

Not one but two hanging, with dark forces on the rise.  Paddy Bostock will keep you on the edge of your seat with this Thriller & Suspense page turner. Author Paddy Bostock was born in Liverpool and holds a B.A. in Modern Languages and History, a PGDip TESL, and a PhD in English Literature. Down the years he has been a barman, a road worker, a songwriter, an educational researcher, a translator, a book reviewer, a university lecturer and Chair of Department, and a high school mentor. He lives in London with his wife, writer Dani Cavallaro, and likes animals and bicycles.

The Hanging is Bostock’s 14 book and I really wish I found this mystery author sooner.  His other titles are not all thrillers he has Science Fiction & Fantasy with Noddy in Wonderland, The Bore, The Basque Head Case and Hand Glove both are Mystery, Thriller & Suspense. With a great line-up of books, I understand why we keep seeing great titles from Paddy.

The Hanging will not disappoint, it’s a thrilling read and will transport you to another world, where your searching and protecting the magic onyx stone.  In your journey, you will be enchanted and swept up in the mystery, Bostock was able to grab my attention quickly, one of my favorite part of the book was when Hazchem opened the door to not mice but to Santa Claus with a Sawn-off shotgun held akimbo, with the trigger cocked saying Ho, ho, ho.  Another reference that stuck out to me in the book was a cigarette circumference “A thickie or a thinny?” and/or A fatty or a skinny”.  This book is fabulous I recommend grabbing a copy today and as O’leary says in the book “Don’t never look back, Toots,”

The Hanging by Paddy Bostock

As the troll Vilius Vilutis hunts Cumbria in search of the magical onyx capable of revolutinizing smartphones and defeat his business foe Zingy Splitz, the elves Mordecai and Hazchem strive to keep the onyx safe. But then two hangings disrupt the peace, and darker forces begin to surface.

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