Author Interview with Cristal Ortiz Awakening Starseeds

Tell your readers a little story about yourself, your background and current career and passion? My name is Cristal Ortiz, and I am so happy to be a part of this book. It's quite flattering and an honor to have been chosen for my story to be heard. Out of the thousands of people, Radhaa has [...]

Join the Momni Movement and Circle Up to help solve the childcare crisis!

A Tale of Transformation, Beating the Odds and Changing the World, the Story of Momni Non-Fiction, Self-Help Date Published: October 8th 2019 Publisher: Elite Online Publishing Circle Up is a raw glimpse into the heart, mind, struggle, and triumph of a female tech entrepreneur whose relentless grit, determination, and courage to continue, despite unimaginable obstacles, […]

Girl From Spaceship Earth by Patricia Ravasio Book Tour

Girl From Spaceship Earth by Patricia Ravasio Book Tour Publisher:  Chapman Park (September 11, 2017) Category: Memoir, Non-Fiction, Social Activism, Women Empowerment Tour dates: Sept/Oct, 2018 ISBN: 978-0999046302 Available in Print and ebook, 299 pages The true story of a life intertwined with the utopian ideas of an American genius. A mind-blowing two-day interview with iconic […]