Exercises for Character Writing

Building characters takes time, and we often learn things about them as we write. As writers work through scenes and ideas, it’s common that the characters on the page develop along with the story.  While this is a natural part of the drafting process, it can also make for clunky storytelling if “incomplete” characters are […]

Author Interview with social, economic and cultural Author Fabian Alexander Ortega

We had a chance to sit down and talk with social, economic and cultural Author Fabian Alexander Ortega.  I wanted to bring the reader more information about this author whos book with take you on a journey of Emigration & Immigration BUY NOW ON AMAZON Describe yourself in five words Thinker, Spiritual, Wise, Storyteller, Philosopher […]

Why Your Brain Needs to Read Every Day

Brainy Brain Benefits of Book Reading “Books train your imagination to think big.” -Taylor Swift The above-given words may sound like a cliché but they are indeed very true. Reading not only allow you to productively use your time but also energizes your brain by stimulating activity. Book reading allows you to explore past, present, […]

How to Develop a Reading Habit

Easy Steps to Help You Adopt the Habit of Reading  “The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy: it lasts even when all other pleasures fade.” Anthony Trollope, an English Novelist ‘Once a reader, always a reader’ is a phrase that best describes how addictive reading can get. Avid […]

The Difference between an Author and a Writer

The Difference between an Author and a Writer Are you a writer or an author? This question has muddled many professionals who are debating upon its differences projecting their individual perspectives. Some says that the terms- writer and author are interchangeable while others have a totally different idea about it. If you look for its […]