Ride of My Life: After Dark Fiction™ Book Review

Ride of My Life: After Dark Fiction™ by SS Cohentown (Author), Sirrah Publishers (Editor) Book Review   If your looking for a new Erotica Author, with some Action and Adventure mixed in then SS Cohentown should be your next ready. Ride of My Life: After Dark Fiction™ has a well played out plot, the writing, the unique and the chemistry between the characters […]

The Dark Angel: A Love Story Suggested Dark Fantasy Reading

The Dark Angel: A Love Story by J.B. Shackle  (Author),‎ Mayfryn (Author) A man has to decide if he follows his heart and tells his best friend about his feelings or if he plays it safe and stays in the relationship he is in. Socially accepted, but not completely happy. “What is love? Or friendship? Given the choice, should […]

New noir crime thriller The Gay Detective

The Gay Detective: Nick and Norm in Chicago “ winning debut novel” -Kirkus Reviews Key West, FL – Author, actor and TV producer Kenneth D. Michaels releases his noir crime thriller, The Gay Detective. When Nick Scott premiers his TV talk show, The Gay Detective, he is anxious about its success. His first guest, a […]