Bug in a Vacuum by Melanie Watt

Bug in a Vacuum by Melanie Watt

I loved this story, what a great way to explain grief to a child.  Using the perspective of a fly (bug) and a dog, each dealing with process of grieving with the five stages of grief (the Kübler-Ross model)
The illustrations were amazing such and attention to detail, and very captivating.
You can relate to the story line “It was on top of the world when it happened.” Then “Its entire life changed with the switch of a button.” It’s not far-fetched and it show life from a perspective of something we swat at, as adult and it will make me think twice.
Denial, Bargaining (I loved the Dear Vacuum Letter), Anger, Despair, Acceptance (I will accept what I have)
I highly recommend Bug in a Vacuum by Melanie Watt (Author) 5 Stars!

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Bug in a Vacuum

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