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Book Review

Beneath Audiobook Review

Maureen A. Miller knows how to spin a tale. Coming from a reading that loves the ocean and has always wondered about the deep beneath this book had my attention. This gripped me and didn’t let go. It certainly felt real to me.  Beneath is a realistic and frightening story of being lost at sea, with a twist. They end up capsize in an underwater cavern fighting for their life on a  sunken cavern they realize they are not alone, they have to learn to survive together, and try to escape. I was completely immersed in this underwater world. Beneath adds so many unexpected aspects there are surprises everywhere.

Brandy Skelly’s was perfect for Beneath. I do think the audio quality could have been a little better as if it missed a final editing some noises and sounds could have been removed to improve the overall performance.

I look forward to what comes next from author Maureen A. Miller






From USA Today best-selling author Maureen A. Miller comes this young adult adventure that will plunge you deep into the Atlantic Ocean.

It was Stella Gullaksen’s final break before starting her freshman year at college. Joining her best friend Jill and Jill’s family aboard the Starkissed, Stella wakes up to a violent storm that capsizes the boat over a hundred miles off the New Jersey shore.

As the waves pull her under, Stella knows that she is going to die. Instead, an unusual current drags her deep into the underwater canyons of the Atlantic Ocean. Powerless against the raging waters, she is suddenly sucked into a ventilated cave. One by one, Jill and her family also emerge in the sunken cavern. With only a faulty diving flashlight to keep oblivion at bay, Stella and her best friend’s brother Colin search the cave in hope of finding a way back to the surface. What they discover, however, is that they are not alone. There are other survivors in this subterranean grotto – survivors spanning decades of maritime disasters.

Will this discovery prove salvation, or have they all been condemned to the same fate? A grim finale at the bottom of the sea? On an alliance forged by friendship and attraction, Stella and Colin battle to escape the danger that lies beneath.

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