Author and Character Conversations Trudi from The Way We Were | Character Interview

Author and Character Conversations Trudi from The Way We Were

Character Interview with Trudi

I’ve asked Trudi along for a chat. She’s a relatively small part player in the short story, Out of the Ashes, from the audiobook The Way We Were. A lifelong friend of our heroine, Annie, I thought she might give us an objective view of her situation.

Rik: Welcome, Trudi, thank you for coming along. Your relationship with Annie seems enduring. What do you put that down to?

Trudi: I don’t actually put it down to anything … Or maybe it’s because we’ve known each other since play school. Yes, I’ve never really given it any thought, but that would be it. We met, we played together and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Well, up until her husband died, that is.

Rik: You must be quite close to Annie’s mum?

Trudi: Funny enough, more so since Richard died. Annie had switched off from life and her mum and I were in constant contact, waiting for the right time to turn Annie’s lights back on.

Rik: After your own mum passed, the two of you must have become even closer? Has she become like a second mum to you?

Trudi: No, no one could replace my mum… I’ve been close to her because of my friendship with Annie, but that’s as far as the friendship goes.

Rik: Okay, let’s hurry past that one. I believe you knew Richard quite well before he died, what would your opinion of him be had he not been married to your best friend?

Trudi: I loved Richard because he was besotted with Annie and treated her so well. The four of us, Annie, Richard, me and Jim, used to go out regularly. I can’t remember what I thought of him at first, but he also became like a best friend over time.

Rik: So you got along with him on a personal level?

Trudi: Yes, I did and he and Jim were good mates, so everything fell together like a jigsaw.

Rik: Then you, too, must have taken it badly when he died?

Trudi: Very much so. Apart from the shock of it happening, I was heartbroken for a multitude of other reasons. Annie and Jim’s loss alone broke me up.

Rik: Did the fact that you were grieving his death and Annie walking out of your life have an effect on how you felt about her?

Trudi: I’d be lying to say I wasn’t hurt, but I know her so well and closing down would have been the only way she could cope with life. I understood, so the hurt was secondary.

Rik: Why were you so keen she should get into another relationship?

Trudi: I don’t know, Annie’s happiness means a lot to me, but I suppose I also had selfish reasons; I’d love a new man to bring us back to being a foursome, bring back the closeness that was there when Richard was alive. And no, don’t ask, I feel no guilt over those thoughts whatsoever.

Rik: Oh, right, actually, I was about to ask that. Okay, Annie says you go into London on a regular basis. That you’ve traveled in together and separate in the city. You never reveal why. Would you like to share that with us now?

Trudi: No. I wouldn’t.

Rik: What does your husband Jim feel about Annie? Does he get jealous of your relationship?

Trudi: Jealous, hah, not at all. He loves her, in the same way, I loved Richard. We were all terribly close.


Thank you, Trudi, I’ve enjoyed chatting with you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out the way you’d like.

About The Way We Were Audiobook

Author: Rik Stone
Narrator: Bob Sterry
Length: 6 hours 13 minutes
Publisher: Silver Publishing⎮2018
Genre: Short Stories & Anthologies
Release date: July 31, 2018

Synopsis: It seemed more than a little odd that he might meet someone exactly like his ex and on the first night he’d been out since being dumped for bad behavior. If he could get to show her his other side, things might be a little different this time around. But was that likely after what he said in the first two minutes of meeting her?

Jon loved Sally unconditionally, and them keeping him from her was tearing him apart. But they seemed to have complete control over him. How could he possibly turn things around?

Three sisters arrive in a new country. The last thing they expected was to end up on the wrong side of an interrogation table, but does it turn out to be what they’d always hoped for?

Widowed several years earlier, Annie’s mom cajoled her into starting again, but the world seemed so different now, and there were those who were out to separate her from her money. She wanted to crawl back to the comfort of her self-imposed life of a hermit but that wouldn’t be fair on those worse off than her. The detective she hires to get to the bottom of the problem is really quite a dish, but she had to remember, he was only working for her.

Melanie has a schoolgirl crush on Joe Romano, and when he asks her out, she is more than excited. But he lets her down, and she cries all the way home, swearing never to speak to him again. Six years later, their working lives cross paths. Joe has always carried a torch for Melanie and does everything he can to make up for his boyhood stupidity. Is it too late?

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