Top Ten Reasons to listen to My Name is Nelson audiobook

Top Ten Reasons to listen to My Name is Nelson Audiobook

by Dylan Fairchild (Author)

Top Ten Reasons to listen to My Name is Nelson audiobook

  1. Who doesn’t love particle physics?  Muons, neutrinos, quarks…c’mon people!
  2. The BLT game!
  3. Exotic dancers, politicians, doomsday weapons, fighter pilots, infobabes, small town sheriffs, and exotic dancers.
  4. The opportunity to hear one narrator perform dozens of different voices, at no additional cost to the listener!
  5. Jagoffs.
  6. Presidential stress eating.
  7. Zesty Jims (yum!)
  8. Even Abraham Lincoln makes an appearance!
  9. The opportunity to shed not one, but two tears.
  10. It’s pretty much the best novel ever.

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About the Audiobook

Author: Dylan Fairchild
Narrator: Erik Johnson
Length: 8 hours 14 minutes
Publisher: James George⎮2018
Genre: Humor, Fiction
Release date:

Synopsis: From The Indie View: “A brilliant and unique novel…in terms of sheer storytelling mastery, it’s one of the best books we’ve seen in awhile. We give My Name Is Nelson five-plus stars and look forward to an equally well-written sequel…it’s a tremendously entertaining storyline with rich characterization and cinematic action scenes. It’s safe to say the author’s crafted a potential bestseller – and, possibly, a hit movie.” (Don Sloan)

President Andrew MacIntyre was having a pretty good first year in the Oval Office. Suddenly, during what should have been a peaceful Christmas season, he’s facing one of the worst national security crises in American history. And, it’s being masterminded out of a sleazy New Mexico strip joint? What the hell?

Is this a political thriller? Is it science fiction? A zany comedy? Perhaps it’s a love story. Whatever it is, it’s a riveting listen with a little sex appeal and a lot of laughter. It’s little wonder White House National Security Advisor Chet Addington* said this was, “Pretty much the best novel ever.”**  

* Absolutely, positively, not a real person
** He’s been known to be wrong about stuff

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