Homer: The Disappearing Manname


Jamie Broken Wing and Charlie Two Fires, Native American art students at the University of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, decide to spend the summer painting in Sedona. Their summer turned into an entirely different adventure than they planned on. Human bones found by Jamie’s dog, Star, while they were painting on Loy Mesa, led them into incredible events of greed, art, drug dealings and murder. The bones were found in close proximity to an archaeological site and because they appeared old, Jamie and Charlie’s Uncle Max was called in as the forensic anthropologist for the Yavapai Nation. Jamie and Charlie both born to the Yavapai Nation were raised in totally different cultures; Jamie on the Umatilla Reservation and Charlie in New York City. Therefore, their perception of spiritual things was very different than that of their Uncle Max. The mysterious appearance of a Kachina throughout the summer took their adventures to a spiritual level. The difference between Tricksters and Fools became obvious.


Jamie, Charlie and their dog, Star, join their Uncle Max on a trip to Homer, Alaska to attend a global warming symposium. It was a much-anticipated vacation to the ‘last frontier’ and becomes everything but a vacation. The small town of Homer lies at the tip of the Kenai Peninsula. The town’s social structure is made up of fishermen, artists, tourists and unfortunately a few unscrupulous people who cause the death of the symposium organizer and the wounding of an Alaskan State trooper. There are lots of twists and a few surprises in Homer: The Disappearing Man.

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