Global Environmental Awareness on Climate Change: Forest Protection – Wildfire Science Manual: Volume 2: Part 1


“The book and the entire manual closes out with the latest science on climate change and some final thoughts for the reader on the vitality of forestation is for this planet, both in its natural state and as humans continue to pollute the environment. Readers will be surprised at just how interesting all the asides and peripheral data become while completing one’s understanding of the entire ecosystem.” –The US Review of Books


Intensive facts & findings detailed in the “700” point by point reference Subsection Table of Contents, supported by an “850” descriptive index. manual Volume II Part I

• Includes a Single Paged Table of Contents in Brief

• Includes a Single Paged Structure and Contents of Volume II, Part I of series

Information in this Volume II, Part I includes:

  • One of The Most Conclusive Evidence of Climate Change Today, 2017: Page 796
  • Rising Carbon Emissions from Warming Soils Highlights Degraded Land Restoration in Asia- China; South Korea & Vietnam Showcased to Fight Climate Change for Global Emulation
  • Fire Weather & Factors that Depend on it: The United Kingdom Showcased
  • The Weather Engine: Showcased in the United Kingdom • Solar Angle, Heat Intensity, Influence on Average Temperature Studied
  • Types of Ground and Energy Absorption Rates on the Magnitude of Wildfires when they Occur.
  • Large Scale Pressure Systems and Fronts Study Needed to Study Fire Weather.
  • General Wind Circulation created by Earth’s Rotation also key to study Wildfires
  • And much more.

“The first part of the second volume of this technical manual continues to follow the outline of the original with more content focusing this time on Europe and the largest countries of Asia. The entire manual is presented in an outline format that is easy to follow, understand, and quickly look up content and information as it is needed. There is also a good deal of general knowledge about how weather and climate works that can be applied anywhere.” –The US Review of Books

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