Dark Fantasy Recommended Reading Autumn Novel The Campbell Family 

Autumn Novel The Campbell Family by Andy Hernandez (Author), Annissa Guri (Illustrator), Suryani Soedarja (Illustrator) Can twin brothers Jayden and Gavin Blackwood protect their war-ravaged world from more chaos and violence? Will the power of the brothers’ bloodline be enough to stop Yale Campbell’s search for the three keys needed to open the Serenity Seal? In this magical adventure of deadly […]

David Berko releases his new sci-fi political thriller for review: Zero Hour, Shifting Power

David Berko Releases His New Sci-fi Political Thriller: Zero Hour, Shifting Power Valparaiso, IN – Author David Berko releases book one in the Before The End Series entitled, Zero Hour, Shifting Power. This novel is an intellectual, high-speed pursuit of science fiction, politics, and speculation. What would happen if America allowed a progressive socialist experiment […]