Rowdy Randy Picture Book Review

Purchase on Amazon Rowdy Randy is a horsefly that was born for ADVENTURE, She weaves her way through the Wild West exploring and stirring up all kinds of trouble.  During her wild west adventure, she whooshes and buzzes around meeting all kinds of creatures, Buffalo, Cows, Snakes just to name a few. This adventure is [...]

Book Trailer The Legend of Bob Wire

Book Trailer for children’s book series, age 4-12. The Legend and Adventures of Bob Wire The Legend and Adventures of Bob Wire is a collection of stories passed down from generations of ranchers, oilfield roughnecks, and boot and saddle makers. These stories along with a vivid imagination have been rolled into a Western legend of […]

The Legend of Bob Wire by Sam Skinner – Book Review

Texas history, Oil Field Hijinks, Mystery and Hearsay… This is such a fun picture book, it’s a must have for every Texas home, and every oil field / oil rig roughnecks.  Your kids will love the story and the illustrations, they will go on an adventure taming the oil field, solving problems by riding a […]

Book Review The Legend of Bob Wire

The Legend of Bob Wire The beginning…who is this guy? What makes him a legend? What’s the deal with the thunderbolt? What’s with the hands? I don’t get it!! Review coming soon   Read Sam Skinners Author Interview