Book Review The Cleansweep Counterstrike by Chuck Waldron

The Cleansweep Counterstrike by Chuck Waldron Book Review

A Matt Tremain Technothriller

(Dystopian World Chronicles) (Volume 2)

This is the second novel of the Dystopian Wold Chronicles A Matt Tremain Technothriller series, I thought The Cleansweep Counterstrike was better than The Cleansweep Conspiracy which is rare. Volume 2 could be a stand-alone, but I would recommend reading  The Cleansweep Conspiracy first.

I LOVED the characters, each is so well-written, you feel as if you have met them in person. In The Cleansweep Conspiracy Matt Tremain the journalist exposed Charles Claussen’s and now has a bullseye on his back. Claussen has escaped and is now planning his revenge, Charles risks everything to get his revenge.. This is an action-packed technothriller.

This thriller will keep you guessing till the last page, its loaded with twist and turns. We learn more about Claussen’s supporters a mysterious and powerful group called The Brotherhood of Eagles.

It’s a great read that will keep you entertained throughout, Claussen bring global chaos while pursing Tremain.  Tremain’s fiance’s life is on the line can Claussen be stopped…

Book Details:

Book Title: The Cleansweep Counterstrike by Chuck Waldron
Series: A Matt Tremain Technothriller Book 2
Category: Adult Fiction, 312 pages
Genre: Thriller / dystopian
Publisher: Bublish Inc.
Release date: April 21, 2018
Tour dates: Aug 13 to Sept 21, 2018
Content Rating: PG-13 + M (Adult language)

Book Description:

In this sequel, Matt Tremain is back, facing an even deadlier threat. Deceit and intrigue lie hidden behind the collapse of Operation CleanSweep. It’s time for revenge.

Instrumental in exposing the evil behind Operation CleanSweep—a diabolical “cultural cleansing” plot masterminded by Toronto billionaire Charles Claussen—investigative blogger Tremain now faces the madman’s desire for vengeance. Claussen intends to settle the score personally by luring Matt into a deadly trap.

But the clock is ticking for Claussen, too. Fraternité des Aigles, The Brotherhood of Eagles—a shadowy group that secretly financed Claussen’s Operation CleanSweep—wants answers and their money back. Consumed with rage, Claussen risks everything to get to Matt before the Brotherhood gets to him. Tremain is once again partnering with a police detective, Carling. Knowing they are being lured into a possible trap, they decide to face their nemesis, Charles Claussen.

Across four continents, Claussen sets traps, pursues Tremain, and continues to execute his signature brand of global chaos. When his fiancé’s life is on the line, can Tremain stop Claussen’s madness and still avoid getting killed?

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